Mini review of my new Super Nudy Pink circle lenses

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The Geo Ultra Nudy circle lenses are ridiculously comfortable!  Just got my two new pairs in the mail.  I ran across a youtube giveaway contest for a pink Hello Kitty watch.  OMG, it is very girly and very pretty! Anyway, I posted a mini-review of the Super Nudy pink lenses on the youtube as a response:

The color of the Nudy Pinks is stunning and the resulting color is not what one would expect!  I really like how they look.  For those who don’t know what Choward’s Violet is:

Choward's Violet

OMG, the lenses are super comfy to the point I don’t notice I have them on.  I’ve caught myself nodding off with them on.  Not good, lol!   Waking up with lenses in your eyes is NOT my idea of fun.  So whenever I am exhausted, they have to come out right away.


fashion flashback: Au Coton

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Yeah, I’m definitely dating myself by talking about my 80s fashion flashbacks. Au Coton played a huge part in my junior high school fashion experience.

I’m wearing my black Au Coton t-shirt. Not as oversized on me now but still roomy. I had black overalls and white overalls. I think I must have had five or six shirts. You try finding a t-shirt nowadays that will last 20 months, let alone 20 years 😛

7 Last Minute Gifts for Shavous

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Shavous is closely nipping at our heels.  Since I was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York Cheesecake is on the menu in my house.  As if there was an alternative…

If you got swamped between Lag B’Omer and Mother’s Day gifts like I did, then you are knee-deep in preparing for the sueda.  But you want to get something special for the people in your life. All is not lost because I got your back!  Check out what caught my eye after the jump!

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10 Mother’s Day Gifts — $25 and under

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Finding a mother’s day gift won’t be hard with my budget-friendly gift guide!

Flowers are the no-fail mother’s day gift, but they can be surprisingly pricey.

Not this simple chic bouquet from!   They’re only $20 and just a little different from the standard dozen red roses!

{Simply Cheerful Bouquet |$20 |}


I found some more cute stuff! Tons of gear in different prices points. Here’s some things that popped up on my radar in the past few days:

{post-election finds}

Under $25:

3/4 sleeve tee
also in pink, black, cream, emerald, fuschia, hershey, lavender, and lemon, $10, Funky Frum

shimmery skirt
also in burgundy, $21, Tznius

technicolor tee
jersey cotton, also in navy, pink, brown, and white, “Alternative,” $12, Kosher Clothing

shirred v-neck
polyester stretch, $18, Funky Frum

plus-size shell
polyester stretch, up to 4X, $19, Ricci Fashions

Under $50:

framed cufflink
vintage button, “cuffless” cufflinks, $35, Rivka’s Mom

black & white top
microfiber, plus size up to 4X, $25, Ricci Fashions

plus-size slinky skirt
polyester stretch, also in black and navy, up to 4X, $29, Ricci Fashions

sweet tie-neck top
polyester stretch, $44, Funky Frum

coat of arms cufflinks
vintage button, “cuffless” cufflinks, $35, Rivka’s Mom

inspired hope dress
“Sweetheart,” also in black and charcoal, $48, Junee’s

Under $75:

edwardian echo
acrylic, also in purple, Nick & Mo, $58,

Under $100:
DSW is running a
$10 off boots sale for boot $75 and up… so of course this makes me happy!

first lady-like pearls
akoya pearl with 14K gold, $80, SmartBargains

ice queen pendant
quartz on 925 sterling silver chain, $80, Rivka’s Mom

Comment below and let me know what you think!