Please read the following disclaimers regarding “The Frum Fashionista:

1. All comments posted on “The Frum Fashionista” are solely our visitors views.   Any comments posted  on this site are not my responsibility.  However, this blog is moderated so spam, vulgar, and/or abusive comments will be removed immediately!

2. By reading our site all readers consent in the event of an injury caused by readers using any facts, tips, views or advice given, “The Frum Fashionista” will not be held responsible as “The Frum Fashionista” does not warrant that all information presented is relevant to all readers. Each reader’s responsibility is deciding how to use the information presented and assumes responsibility for their own actions.  (:DIn other words, use common sense people :D)

3. In addition, any products presented here will not necessarily reflect everyone’s kashrut and tznius standards.  I realize that we all have different customs (minhagim) so again, rely on your better judgement.


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