Patriotic Shabbos

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My havdalah candle finally melted down so I bought a red, white, and blue one at Moisha’s for 99 cents.  I think it’s so cute!  The red part reminds me of Twizzlers.

The other Shabbat find was a 72-count box of Shabbat candles for $2.99.  The best part is that they lasted for 3 hours.  So it was a great bargain.

Now if only Kedem grape juice was on sale…..


What I bought this weekend…

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One thing I noticed about my closet is that I NEVER have enough shells.  Friday, I ripped my only cotton ¾ shell on the way to Moishe’s on a fence.  I was just glad that I wasn’t cut.  I wasn’t in the mood to end up in Maimonides erev Shabbat.

A few more steps, and I happened upon a lovely store. I found Junee’s cotton ¾ shells on sale for $14.  I snagged (no pun intended) three of them: black, white, and purple.

So, now I have three shells to carry me through for a while.

Sweaty Betty, um, I mean Batya

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Just a disclaimer, this is not directed towards anyone who happens to be named Batya or Betty.

Now, on to the nitty gritty.  During the summer, I’m prone to a lot of sweating.  Dressing modestly doesn’t help the situation either.  The other thing is that my normal antiperspirant/deodorant standby, Degree, fails miserably during a hot Shabbos.  So I decided to get Certain Dri.  What I do is put it on a few minutes after I shower on Friday afternoon; then just before Shabbos I put on one swipe of the Degree.  I tried it out this Shabbos and I was pleasantly surprised that I had no sweat nor stink.  Yay!  I feel so much better.

no, I haven’t bought a Tribble…

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You are looking at the remains of my Milano pony sheital.  For the non-Trekker geeks out there, this is the wiki entry on tribbles.

What the heck happened?  Well, the hubster was being a helpful guy and ran a load of towels for me.  Unfortunately for me, he thought the towel that my sheital was wrapped in was supposed to be washed.   So my sheital got washed and dried.  I can’t even get mad at him because I just found too hilarious.  So I’m in the market for a new human hair one now.  Oh well….  I had it over a year and it served me well.

the 3 weeks: sans music clip

Yeah, this post has NOTHING to do with parenting but it’s emotional all the same. Anyone, who has read this blog knows I love listening to music. After the fast this week, I deleted all the music off my Blackberry and changed my ringtone from a song excerpt to a regular ring tone.

Someone thought that was extreme. I don’t know why. It’s not like I got rid of the songs forever because the mp3 files are on my external drive. For me, listening to music is like breathing air. I feel pain when I can’t listen to my tunes (especially Pet Shop Boys.) So I decided to fill my phone with shirum mp3s. I figured since my ears need to feel busy so I can fill them with learning for a little while.