fashion flashback: Au Coton

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Yeah, I’m definitely dating myself by talking about my 80s fashion flashbacks. Au Coton played a huge part in my junior high school fashion experience.

I’m wearing my black Au Coton t-shirt. Not as oversized on me now but still roomy. I had black overalls and white overalls. I think I must have had five or six shirts. You try finding a t-shirt nowadays that will last 20 months, let alone 20 years 😛


2 thoughts on “fashion flashback: Au Coton

  1. Your blog has come to my attention as part of an academic research project that I am doing for the London College of Fashion on modest dressing. I shall be in New York with my researcher from 11-15th July and would very much appreciate the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your interesting work.

    If you would be kind enough to reply to my email address I will be happy to furnish you with further details of the project.

    It would be extremely helpful if I could include Frum Fashionista in my research.


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