hunting high and low for a summer dress

In the past, I had good luck finding dresses. Not this year. My usual chain stores are carrying tons of short skirts and shorts.

Now, I’m getting so desparate I’m considering getting a maxi dress. I have two problems: I’m busty and have very long legs. So far the maxi dresses I tried on made me look pregnant. If I was pregnant I wouldn’t have minded. Worse still, they were too short on me.

I’m going to try the GAP and see if I can find something there at their summer sale. The thing is that I’m not too keen on their maxi dresses though. One looks like a converted tablecloth and the other one looks liike I’d be drowning in fabric.

It’s times like these when I hate shopping! .

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One thought on “hunting high and low for a summer dress

  1. HI – just stumbled on your website – looks v. nice…Old Navy has some great long skirts lately – a million colors- v. flattering on –

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