DIY manicure

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DIY is a holdover from my punk-rock days.  I tend to try to do everything myself!  Most of the time I can pull it off fairly well.  Alas, I lack the time to play with my beauty products all day, so I try to find the quick and easy way to do things.

Thankfully, there are tons of new products out there now to help me with my nail maintenance!  Do these six steps so you have great looking nails without hitting the salon.  Scope out the goodies after the jump!

Step 1: File Nails

I like basic nail files.  I avoid metal files because they are only for artificial nails.

You can either get a basic nail file or you can pick up a multi-use nail file like this for less than $5.

{4 in 1 Profi Nail File |$1.50 |}


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