My closet

My Closet

Welcome to my closet! This is my archive page.

The Frum Fashionista WordPress posts starting from May 2010 are in the Archives (ha, ha!) If you came to visit me from LJ, you can get nostalgic in my El-Jay Vintage page.  Please excuse the dust while I’m transitioning the info from my old LJ 🙂


One thought on “My closet

  1. ok, i’m a total fan and will remain one no matter what so i don’t want this to sound harsh or critical, but i do want to give you my honest feedback about the layout. i don’t think it’s good. I loved your blog on LJ but this is just not user-friendly. i have multiple blogs so i’m not slow about blogs and i just feel confused – I don’t know where to click. The first thing I see is a link about shavuos gifts, so my first instict is to click on that. but what i want to see is all your posts, so then i scroll down but you have to scroll a while to see the actual posts, and the posts are cut so short you can’t really see what they’re about. there is too much side bar / “magazine” style stuff at the top and on the sides and not enough actual blog. it’s hard to know where to find your most recent blog post and then you have to click again to even read it. and the font is extremely tiny for the blog posts so i have to magnify it to even read it. it’s easy in wordpress to play around with different layouts, so maybe give another one a shot? there are
    some really clean ones. at a minumum, with this layout, you could try to make the sidebar at the top shorter so that there’s not so much white space under the picture of cheesecake – people won’t know to scroll down if there’s that much white space sometimes. i think it’s stretched out because there are so many options in the side bar. you can put some of those options in the bottom sidebar instead, probably. the other thing i would suggest is making the font bigger. ok, that is all. maybe if i read your posts via a feed reader instead of the blog itself i will see things in a cleaner, larger-font and more readable way. i will give that a shot.

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