chic solutions to brighten your Hanukkah

and lessen the headache!This year, Hanukkah starts erev Shabbos. So the candles have to be lit before the Shabbat candles. Therefore, the candles have to burn longer than the usual 30 minutes. So what’s a fashionista to do?

Get the extra long candles to easily cover 90 minutes. Sticking standard Chanukkah candles in the freezer won’t work!

Silver Candles, $7, Eichler’s

Family 3-Pack, $12, Eichler’s

O.K. I have to light the menorah immediately after havdalah everything is going to be a mess!
I have three lines of defense!
First, I spray this before sticking the candles in the hanukkiah:

Wax-off Spray, $7, Eichler’s
It’s also great for getting rid of the resistant bits of wax.

If you’re the DIY/frugal type, then you can just whip out your hair dryer. The heat will soften the wax enough to just peel it off.

You can put your menorah on a plain ol’ cookie/baking sheet or you can get this:

MenorahMate, $15, Bed Bath & Beyond

This has the brochot in Hebrew, English, and Transliterated. Plus, you can pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours and all you have to do is bend it to break off the frozen wax.

As for decor, my personal favorite colors are black, blue, silver, and grey. So most of my decor schemes involve silver.

I’m a unabashed modernist. However, I’m attracted to old school things. Like mercury glass:

Vases and Hurricanes, $12 – $50, Pottery Barn

I’m equally attracted to hipster kitsch:

Driedel Place Card Holders, set of 4, $19, Pottery Barn

I think throwing in a metallic element to my decor amplifies the lights. So that’s a very good thing!



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