oh goody accessories shopping.

Today, I went to the Nine West outlet and picked up a new purse. I was looking for yet another handbag. The free everyday tote that I got from domino mag is defunct like the magazine. My hubster is resigned to my accessories addiction.

I found “The Great Find” tote.

I needed a neutral that would go with both my black coat and my brown coat. I was leaning towards the red. The red was a lovely deep true red. I chose the grey instead.
Love the purse; it’s huge! I think it might overwhelm smaller people. I can use it as everyday work tote. I’m going to put it through it’s paces tomorrow and see how it handles. This is one of the few totes that has a great drop for me; not too short nor too long! For $40, this is not bad at all.

As for the shoes, I hit DSW…again.

Lifestride DARE Moc, $40 (I got it in black)

Miss Me Cupcake Sweater Boot, $30 (also in black)

Miss Me Sunkist 10 Pointed Toe Pump, $20

Promo codes used:
SNOWMAN (for the free shipping)
KCPROMO (for $5 off a purchase $5 and up)
213 ($5 off for December birthdays only)
and my DSW rewards certificate.

Now I have to get the little one off to school!


chic solutions to brighten your Hanukkah

and lessen the headache!This year, Hanukkah starts erev Shabbos. So the candles have to be lit before the Shabbat candles. Therefore, the candles have to burn longer than the usual 30 minutes. So what’s a fashionista to do?

Get the extra long candles to easily cover 90 minutes. Sticking standard Chanukkah candles in the freezer won’t work!

Silver Candles, $7, Eichler’s

Family 3-Pack, $12, Eichler’s

O.K. I have to light the menorah immediately after havdalah everything is going to be a mess!
I have three lines of defense!
First, I spray this before sticking the candles in the hanukkiah:

Wax-off Spray, $7, Eichler’s
It’s also great for getting rid of the resistant bits of wax.

If you’re the DIY/frugal type, then you can just whip out your hair dryer. The heat will soften the wax enough to just peel it off.

You can put your menorah on a plain ol’ cookie/baking sheet or you can get this:

MenorahMate, $15, Bed Bath & Beyond

This has the brochot in Hebrew, English, and Transliterated. Plus, you can pop it in the freezer for a couple of hours and all you have to do is bend it to break off the frozen wax.

As for decor, my personal favorite colors are black, blue, silver, and grey. So most of my decor schemes involve silver.

I’m a unabashed modernist. However, I’m attracted to old school things. Like mercury glass:

Vases and Hurricanes, $12 – $50, Pottery Barn

I’m equally attracted to hipster kitsch:

Driedel Place Card Holders, set of 4, $19, Pottery Barn

I think throwing in a metallic element to my decor amplifies the lights. So that’s a very good thing!


yup, more menorahs

I’ve been scouring for a few weeks to find hip, kosher menorahs. I have included some traditional types just because some people are old school. Plus, I tossed in the pre-requiste kitsch!

Seriously, doesn’t this scream Chrysler building?

Art Deco III
oil menorah, polished nickel, $17, Eichler’s

Your eyes are not deceiving you. I showed the brass version yesterday!

Art Deco IV
metal, $49, Oh Nuts!

Funky Cool Menorah
stoneware, “utopia man/woman,” by Jonathan Adler, $295, Modern Tribe
This menorah smacks of antique pottery.
You know, the ones you see in Art History class?

Attention, Wal-Mart shoppers. Wet your whistle on this!

Formal Funky Menorah
nickel-plated, “Gingko,” oil/candle menorah, $75, Wal-Mart

I think of Midsummer’s Night Dream, when I see this!

Woodland Bling!
metal w/ crystals and beads, “Jeweled Tree”
$150, Bed, Bath & Beyond

For the Disney addicts!

Disney menorah
handpainted resin, $50, Eichler’s

Flower Power Menorah
enamel, $50, Modern Tribe

Serious Flower Power
metal with glass petals, “Dalia” by Arie Ofir, $330, The Jewish Collection

my personal hanukkah list

My family is extremely small.

For my son, I tend to buy inexpensive gifts. I try to give him a gift every night. Non-shabbosdik gifts are saved for the weekdays. The first night is on Shabbos so his gift will be put into a gift bag.

I’m also getting 2-3 pairs of pj’s for him. I’m trying to find cotton pj’s because my apartment is heated on super steam! I figure I’ll hit Children’s place and stock up because they are running a sale on them now.

Plus, I’ve been really scattered because I forgot to buy the little man boots. So I have to find a nice pair. My son’s winter coat is olive green/orange camoflauge. It has a hood, but I’m a paranoid mom.

So I found these:

Skate park hat, also in blue, $5, 77kids

Jolly Roger gloves, $5, 77kids

My son also is into nanovor but it’s PC only. Boo hiss! Plus, Zhu Zhu pets mania is hitting everyone else’s house but mine. Let’s see how long I can keep that up!

For my hubster’s chavrusa, I bought:

The Shmuz on the Parsha
coffee table hardcover with clear plastic cover, $30, The Shmuz
Of course, you can also find the book at your local Jewish book store. However, the Shmuz has a buy 1; get 2nd book for 50% off sale. Of course, the second book is for moi!

As for my hubster, I decided to go the practical route this year. I will get him a challah board and knife.

Challah Board Basket, $50, TES I live in NYC, so I know I can find this locally near me!

I’m looking at inexpensive knifes…obviously it has to be chic and functional. Here’s what I found so far:

Shabbos Challah Knife, $20, Jewish Museum

Challah Knife, $6, Bake Deco

Most likely, I will find the knife locally for cheap since Hanukkah is nipping at my heels.

So far, I have a coupon from Eichlers, Children’s Place, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. So I will try to put them to use!

Cool menorahs (and some interesting traditional ones too)

O.K. I tend to shop at the last minute because my life is beyond hectic. Hanukkah is around the corner, therefore, menorah talk ensues. Oil vs. candle types. What is a kosher menorah? Blah, blah, blah…

So, I’ll start with the basic guidelines.

What is a kosher menorah? This a link to the Chabad site which gives you the skinny.

I think a mitzvah should be beautified. I’m a creative type so the marriage between aesthetics and function is extremely important to me. Also, Judaism is a way of life not a prison term. So there are plenty of options for those who want to stay traditional and those who are more daring.

Sleek Mod
metal alloy, “Illume” by Nambe, $175, Macy*s

Art Deco Menorah I
metal, $50, Target

Cubist Menorah
ceramic, modular, $239, Modern Tribe

Glass Menorah
blown glass, Roost, $48, orange & pear

Matchbox Menorah
oil menorah, ceramic, “Last Match” by Kathleen Walsh,
also in black, $240, Unica Home

Art Deco Menorah II
painted metal with Austrian crystals, $288, Lenox Judaica

Cat children’s menorah
painted metal, $34, Eichler’s

crate and barrel menorah
Traditional Modern
nickel plated stainless steel, $27, Crate and Barrel

So, here’s the first set of nine menorahs. So discuss my compatriot fashionistas!

Coming up this week: more menorahs (duh!), gifts for under $50, DIY gift options, and of course holiday outfits.