This TV tzinus moment was brought to you by CBS

and moi, of course….

I watched “The Good Wife” yesterday online. This picture is from last weeks’ episode titled ‘Unorthodox.’

I loved the hat, coat, and jacket, Mrs. Loeb, the wife wore:

The show is set in Chicago. For the mid-west fashionistas, does this reflect Chi-town tznius style?

To me, she looked very New York. Slightly more stylish than the fashion-conscious BP chicks and definitely more covered up than UWS chicks.




O.K. y’all know I’m a DSW addict.

This time, I saw cool shoes in an Aerosoles store I was passing by. That’s the fashionista life, “passing by” stores.
You can find all of the following on

Prolific, also in black and gray, $89

Egg Role, also in black and brown, $99

Chaperone, also in gray and black, $79

Wonderlust, also in black and brown, $79

Benefit, brown with striped ribbon trim shown, also in black
also black or brown with soild ribbon trim, $89

Sarasota, black suede shown, also in blue, grey, and brown, $130

So today, I will try to make a pit stop there and find a pair of winter shabbos shoes. Discuss!