i’m besotted with hats…

I missed my fellow fashionistas! I’m been languishing in laundry purgatory; tonsillitis; and general back to school mayhem.

So I’m going to dip my toe in gently and show some hats that caught my eye. Most of these hats are $50 and under. Some aren’t so don’t scream at me!

Cloche: my all-time fav hat style!

Ribbon Cloche
100% wool, sizes S/M and M/L, also in military blue, $50, Banana Republic
Simply chic in black and it’s just as stunning in the blue! I think this would be a great shabbos hat.

Velvet Cloche
Nine West, wool, one size, also in black, brown, and red, $28, Macy’s
This is an edgier cloche. I like this for a night out just as well as using it to look pulled together on an off-day!

Floral Cloche
wool, shown in Taupe,”Fabulousy Floral” by August Hats, $38, Dillards
This super girly cloche is also available in barn red, chocolate, yellow, and forest.

Ultramod cloche
“Ingrid” cloche, $200, Heather Huey, $220
An ultrabrite cloche for the mod girl! It also comes in a dizzying array of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Well, that’s all for now! At least I had the energy to type :/


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