Gemachia: My first foray into a gemach!

Last night, I went a clothing gemach for the first time. I suppose some people don’t want to go to them for fear of looking like a nebach or a beggar.

Some people have that thrift store phobia too.

Anyway, I went to the gemach and I found 3 suits in my size. Two are good for shabbos, one suit I consider a everyday suit. One suit is a brown wool suit. The second is a navy suit. The last suit is a grey Holt Renfrew suit. I also found a ankle-length skirt. As you may know, finding a long skirt is a challenge because of my long legs. The fact that I found a skirt that actually hits mid-ankle is miraculous. So I managed to find chic items for free.

So what do the fashionistas think of clothing gemachs? Are there good ones in your area? Discuss!


j’adore shoes!

Anyone who has read this blog for more than a minute know that I have a serious affection for shoes.

My hubster finally saw the light and bought me this:

36-pair overdoor shoe rack, $30, The Container Store

So he knows I will do my best to fill it, LOLZ! I think it will work out because it holds my size 10 Nike Air sneaks with no problem. He gave the green light, right? The only thing it doesn’t handle are my tall boots.

I can either do this:

Boot Shapers, $10, The Container Store
Now it comes in pink! Who can resist pink?!
or this:

Boot Box, $8, The Container Store

Obviously, I started browsing shoes. Lately, any shoe on my foot feels like torture. The fashionistas know I have the audacity of hope to find a comfy and stylish shoe! Obviously, I am going to the store after a day of walking around hardcore 😉

Suede Wedge
“Air Chella” by Cole Haan, $50, DSW

leather slingback
“Ida” also in brown faux croc, Liz Clairborne, $50, DSW

suede pump
“Air Carma” Cole Haan, $140, DSW

Tomorrow, I will have more shoes to drool over um post!

now, that the mercury is taking a dive…

I’m looking a fall/winter transitional clothing. Every season, I inspect my closet. I found I have an obscene amount of sweaters.

Unfortunately, I found that I have no winter skirts anymore. Last year, I went down 2 sizes. Hence, only 2 pairs of long skirts are in my closet. I have a few button-down tops and two suits. So I decided to hunt down some skirts so I won’t freeze to death!

steampunk denim skirt
“Cascade,” sizes XS – 2X, $38, Junee’s

Corduroy skirt
“Aviv” sizes XS-XL, $44, Junee’s

Ruffled cord skirt
shown in grey (also in black)
“Blumie”, sizes XS – XL, $48, Junee’s

Slinky Wrap Skirt
polyester/spandex, sizes XS – L, $38, The Skirt Site

Year-round pencil skirt
wool garbadine, Austin Reed, sizes 2P – 20P, $25, Overstock

Pleated Slinky
“Success Plus”, sizes S – XL, $38, Junee’s

i’m besotted with hats…

I missed my fellow fashionistas! I’m been languishing in laundry purgatory; tonsillitis; and general back to school mayhem.

So I’m going to dip my toe in gently and show some hats that caught my eye. Most of these hats are $50 and under. Some aren’t so don’t scream at me!

Cloche: my all-time fav hat style!

Ribbon Cloche
100% wool, sizes S/M and M/L, also in military blue, $50, Banana Republic
Simply chic in black and it’s just as stunning in the blue! I think this would be a great shabbos hat.

Velvet Cloche
Nine West, wool, one size, also in black, brown, and red, $28, Macy’s
This is an edgier cloche. I like this for a night out just as well as using it to look pulled together on an off-day!

Floral Cloche
wool, shown in Taupe,”Fabulousy Floral” by August Hats, $38, Dillards
This super girly cloche is also available in barn red, chocolate, yellow, and forest.

Ultramod cloche
“Ingrid” cloche, $200, Heather Huey, $220
An ultrabrite cloche for the mod girl! It also comes in a dizzying array of colors, fabrics, and patterns.

Well, that’s all for now! At least I had the energy to type :/