so what does a fashionista wears when she’s sick?

O.K. I’ve racked with fever for almost a week. I feel like warmed over tar. However, I refuse to don schmattas while I convalesce. So what do I put on? My casual Shabbos robes of course and my crocs.

Stripe Motion, XS, $68, Raza Designs

So what’s your sick style? (oh yeah, I went there!)


yom tov outfit dilemma

Sorry fashionistas this is a kid centric post…

O.K. my son was born during the month of Elul. So a birthday party is out. I figured I’d throw one in school and leave it at that. This year, his birthday falls on a Sunday. So between yom tov prep, back to school, and everything else September throws at me, I’m barely going to have time to shop for my yom tov outfit let alone his.

So I figured I’d use what I have and get one new item for him for yom tov. I decided to get him a vest. Practical for the fall season and something I can reserve for shabbos.

Argyle vest, $20, The Children’s Place

Hopefully, I will find something suitable for yom tov for myself!

Once again a 3 day yom tov is nipping at my heels

I feel throughly uninspired. Mind you, not about the upcoming high holidays. I feel frustrated with my laundry situation. I have a bunch of clothes and I either can’t find them or they are in ther dirty pile; or rarely the clean pile.

On top of that, I have a interveiw this week and the skirt component of my suit disappeared into the ether. Plus, I didn’t plan my yom tov meals yet.

So I will finish cooking dinner and when my belly is full maybe I can come up with a menu plan.

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just checking in

Tonight, I made sure I was dressed my best because I was going to Hineni. I got my book, “Life is a test” autographed and… I got to talk to her. I still have tears in my eyes. Now, I am digesting it all.

So what does one wear to meet a tzaddiket?

Anyway, I felt welcomed and loved. So what I decided to wear didn’t matter much in the end.

Of course, I have to toss out why I haven’t been around. I have been going to classes upon classes.

Dress happy!

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