a strange modesty observation.

I was looking at the Pristiq ad on the telly. I noticed that the wind-up doll was tzniusdik. Look at this and tell me that this is not a BP uniform…all you need to add is a Parkhurst beret and viola:

What do you think?


some fall clothes…

Despite the brutal NYC August heat, I am looking forward to fall. I found six pieces $25 and under that you can add to your wardrobe!

Bohemian floppy hat
wool/felt, available in purple, grey, and brown, Route 66, $9, Kmart

Fleece hoodie
available in a dizzying array of 12 solids, prints, stripes,
XS- 2X (also in tall/petite) $15, Old Navy

Long pleated skirt
dark indigo on sale, sizes 0 – 20 (tall/petite version too!) $20, Gap

Convertible cardigan
polyester/rayon, junior sizes S – 2X, $17, Avon

Tonal cord skirt
cotton, size 2 -12, also in black, $18, Kosher Clothing

Kimono Sleeve maxi dress
cotton, 5 additional colors, size S – 2X, Mossimo®Black, $25, Target

Now the fashionistas are breathing a sigh of relief! So what do you think?
Discuss and share your finds!

New Journal Theme

I saw this and had put it in!

It’s fashion, nature, and cute all rolled up in one handy package!

As for the contest, it seems people are super busy so I’m pushing it back to Wednesday.

Anyway, I have been looking at clothes and stuff. Just don’t have the time post on the regular yet.

So what do you think of the new theme?

what I’m reading this week!

Usually, I don’t read Jewish fiction. Don’t ask me why, I dunno.

This week I picked up

A Recipe for Disaster by Z.C. Berry, $16

This book is a scream. I know it’s great because I caught my Hubster reading over my shoulder. He’s not a reader; it’s that good!

Synopsis: An Anglo Israeli mom who is avoids the kitchen is planning her oldest son’s bar mitzvah. Her husband is a teacher in a yeshivah. Somehow, she gets roped into catering the event herself. For a bad/novice cook; that is a true nightmare! Plus, her house is being remodeled by a contractor who is insanely slow.

I love this book!

surprise parties are stressful

Especially when they are not for you. Hubster’s music buddies decided to put together a party for their friend. So when does hubster tell me about this? Last night. Of course.

I was in tears because the only clean top I had was my pink boatneck top. Then again, I had to go with flow. So I tossed on my black leather skirt and that will have to do. I posted a pic on twitter so y’all can check it out over there.

Just a reminder; I am running a post tisha b’av contest. So post away as usual! Because I am off to New Jersey I will extend the contest to motzai shabbos.

So now I’m off to be fabulous!