missed me fashionistas?

I missed y’all too!

Too much to update on me at the moment.

First, a couple of announcements:

♥ For the winners of the summertime contest I didn’t get your info. Your prizes are sitting in a lonely hearts club!

Roll Call….
conundrum1 you won this: Sephora’s Sun Safety Kit PM me with your info so I can send it out!

batya_d you won this: Frum Fashionista’s Best of Summertime Kit PM me your info pretty please…

yeishlitikvah you won this: Manic Panic: Summer Pedicure Set Please PM me you foot size/color preference if any!

♥ since many of us fasted I decided to hold a mini contest, “Beauty Comforts” what’s the prize? Sorry y’all have to wait until the next post!

♥ I fell in love with a Marc Jacobs hat. It’s super hawt!

♥ My son leaves for camp in 3 days! I gave him a no. 1 buzz cut so it won’t get out of control in 3 weeks.

That’s all for now, later fashionistas!


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