off-road posting

I will post tonight about what’s on my summer reading list. For now, I will post beauty and fashion randomness!

So far, I have held off Lushness! I will get myself a few bath bombs next month when my son goes off to camp.

I still haven’t gotten around to buying a spare bathing suit. Instead, I focused on buying camp gear. I decided on dominoes and a pack of cards.

Yesterday, the cleaning lady came and worked for six hours. Finally, both bedrooms are spotless and clutter-free. My mood has improved tremendously!

I discovered Avon’s wash-off waterproof mascara; great application. I was able to use a dampened cotton swab to get rid of oops! For $2, I can’t complain.

My complextion is virtually blemish free. I am experiencing some enlarged pores so will focus my OCM on those spots.

I have been wearing my glasses in public almost daily. It’s not so bad…not a thrill ride either, LOL!

So that’s all for the AM!


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