Beach worthy makeup: part II

So my summer routine becomes more streamlined and takes more time… My two words for beach makeup is LIGHT and SHEER. There’s no need for the warpaint!

First, put on my blemish cream. Because acne medications dry out the skin, I only spot treat active zits and ones that are threatening to come out.

Second, I squeeze a teaspoon of sunscreen in to my hand. Then I dot it on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. I take care to blend the lotion very well: out to the hairline, jaw, ears and down my neck. I gently pat the sunscreen around my eyes to avoid pulling or smearing it into my eyes. I usually give my skin 15 – 20 minutes to let it soak the sunscreen in.

Third, I put on BE’s primetime foundation primer. I give this 5 minutes to dry. It soaks up the excess oil the sunscreen leaves on my face.

Fourth, I brush on my Aromaleigh foundation. I like the non-greasy but not powdery look.

Fifth, put on bronzer. Don’t mess with bronzer with any hint of shimmer in it. You are going to the beach not a discotech…unless you happen to be in Ibiza! Remember not to use a heavy hand with bronzer. Dust bronzer on your eyelids, on the apples of your cheeks and just above your cheekbones. Also put a little on your forehead, temles, and chin. You can add a teeny bit of pink blush to your cheeks.

Last, put on waterproof mascara. For lips, I use a lip stain like tarte, or Clinique Almost Lipstick. Gloss will melt in the heat. You can either go glam with the color like cherry red or bright pink or you can go with a quieter lipcolor like nude.

I don’t drag my makeup bag to the beach. What I bring are blotting papers and lipstain. I don’t worry about the makeup fading…because it will. All I do is blot in between chapters of my summer reading book!


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