boring shopping weekend…

I only window shopped. The upshot is that my modem behaving like a angsty teenager rather than zip! So I’m very thankful that I could browse online shops in relative piece! I saw the most gorgeous high-waisted pencil skirt…right hemline, right color…but it has a back slit. AAARRGH! Oh well!

I am almost done with camp. I think I will have to go to Modell’s and pick up a baseball glove.

This week, I’m selling my pink faux-wrap dress. I literally tried it on and wasn’t crazy about the color. Blush pink doesn’t work for me, LOL! So now, y’all have a chance to snag it.

Funny story, I was buying dress pants for my son’s upcoming camp trip on eBay. I bid and won a pair of pants. Unfortunately, they are a women’s size 10. The seller thought they were a boy size 10. Oops. So I’m re-selling it! Most people who read this probably don’t wear pants but I linked it anyway in just case…

I will post some random interesting things I found window shopping this weekend!


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