I am so happy beyond belief!!!!!!!

The past three weeks has been a flurry of summer camp shopping. My son has become very anxious about leaving his cat Bella behind. So I need to figure out how to soothe his nerves right quick and have “the camp” talk!

2 sweatshirts
1 yarmulka (I’m buying a camp one)
Nail clipper (he’s a nail biter so it’s almost pointless)
some pre-addressed envelopes
A Baseball glove (since he’s a lefty that might be hard to find)
sunglasses (i thought he had a pair of sunglasses, hmm…)

I’m thinking of sending an extra duffel bag to handle the overflow because I don’t trust him to fold his clothing. I will give the camp counselor a heads up and tip him extra to help my son a little more.

I killed two birds with one stone by purchasing:

AVON’s Skin So Soft Bug Guard SPF 30 Disappearing Color Suncreen lotion, $6.99

SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus Itch Relief Spray, $2.99

SKIN SO SOFT Bug Guard Plus Spray, $6.99 for nighttime

I followed conundrum1‘s advice erev Shabbos regarding robes. First, I checked out my old standby Lands’ End. Since I was buying rainboots anyway from there I decided to try an hunt a robe over there. The Angel Fleece robe was only in toddler size. I did find this robe in overstocks and bought it:

Lands’ End Flannel Robe, $10
the problem?
Hubster flipped out because there was a giant gingerbread man on the back.

So, I went down the generous list of links she provided until I found this:

Kid’s Waffle hooded bathrobe, $11.95, TowelBathrobe.com

So there we go, we have 31 days before he leaves and the majority is finished. Now I can get back to the girly stuff!


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