Shalom fashionistas!

Well due to my modem acting stoopid; I can’t tally up the results for the June contest as of yet. The connection keeps dropping 😦

Thankfully, the cable company is coming Wednesday to either fix or replace it. I know the modem is not working right because my Blackberry is working just dandy.

Anyway on to my life:
I finally invested in a cleaning lady…the house is a flying mess and my eyes are too swollen; rashed up and itchy to clean (stupid pollen!). Also, I need to stop putting off getting eyebrow grooming kit from Sephora.

This morning I ordered rainboots for my son and shabbos pants for camp. I’m trying to pick up a digicam on the cheap from ebay. I have 2 pairs of pants on sale over ebay.

Does anyone know where I can find a kids bathrobe in IRL or online? So hopefully I will have everything in two weeks!

Off for my shabbos power nap!


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