Swimming into summer

I’m planning to put in some serious beach time! I’ve been stressed from the packing and everything else in my headspace. When you live near the beach; why not? Too bad I can’t surf on my beach, LOL! Plus, I’m trying to take a tiny vacation while my son is off to camp. Where am I planning to go? Another beach town, Atlantic City. So, I’ve been checking out modest swim wear.

I found 4 different modest swimwear lines. Many brands are available in plus sizes. One brand is even available in Maternity sizing.

Aqua Modesta
Pros: goes up to 3X, also available in maternity style

Cons: a bit pricey, some may feel uncomfortable with the bold prints

Simple Elegance
also in solid turquoise, and silver grey, $76 Aqua Modesta

Print: Water Swirl (shown), Morocco Blue, Batique Floral
Solids: black, torquoise, and brown, $65, Aqua Modesta

Princess Modest Swimwear
Pros: if you are in classic or simple sporty styles then this brand is for you. Two piece outfits, sizing goes up to 3X

Cons: looks a bit boxy, very $$$ unless you catch a sale, not too many color/style options

Blue/Purple Kinneret (shown,)
other styles: Yarden, Maayan, $60, Princess Modest Swimwear

Sea Secret
Pros: stunning, various styles to fit many peoples tastes, many styles include a matching swim hat, styles available for girls, a bargain for UK ladies!

Cons: super expensive, priced in euros (not good for US/Candian folks,) only runs up to 2X!

available colors: turquoise (shown) green, pink, and gold,
80€ (approx. $113 USD,) Sea Secret

Elegante (khaki shown)
also in: turquoise, plum, and black,
65€ (approx. $92 USD,) Sea Secret

available in pink (shown) and turquoise,
85€ (approx. $120 USD) Sea Secret

colors: prune (shown) pink and turquoise,
95€ (approx. $134 USD,) Sea Secret

Pros: affordable, simple chic, slightly lower price if bought from NYC store

Cons: basic colors/design, limited sizing (only goes up to 12/14)

Water Cinching
navy (shown) purple, black,
sizes XS – XL, $48, Junee’s

black (shown) navy, purple
sizes XS – XL, $44, Junee’s

Water Magic
black (shown) blue
sizes XS – XL, $48, Junee’s

So there you have it! Modest swim gear. Oh what fun!
Just a reminder today is the last day of this month’s contest. So post your hearts out and discuss!


12 thoughts on “Swimming into summer

  1. I bought a short sleeve rash guard that comes to my elbows and I wear my exer-skirt……the only problem with is that the exer-skirt does not dry as quickly as the rash guard, so bringing an extra skirt to go home in would probably be a good idea. I wear a regular bathing suit underneath it anyways….

  2. Swimming is one of those things that I’m having an issue with. My solution so far has just been, don’t mix-swim, then I have a nice one-piece that covers the cleavage(!! shocking!). Although, sometime in the next 2 weeks I’ll be supervising a bunch of kids at a waterpark, so I dunno what to do for that one…Probably going to check out rashguards and wear a skirt, like says 🙂

  3. Where do you get your rash guard from. Most of the time I find rash guards in the boys department. Then again, I’m shopping for camp.

    My regular bathing suit (Lands’ End) is ten years old… it looks brand new but it’s too big for me now 😦

  4. When I lived in NJ some of the Y had women-only swimming but the hours sucked. I decided that my only solution was to get a modest swimsuit that will dry quickly w/o me resorting to wearing heavy layers.

  5. the princess ones are on sale – 30 for black, 45 for peach and 60 for blue.
    So far I’m not happy with this company because I ordered and PAID for a certain colour/style and after I’m told that it will be shipped in the morning, I receive an email saying that the item I ordered is sold out. Grrrrrr.

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