I have been consumed with camp shopping

I have to tell you it’s an exhausting process, LOL!

10 pairs socks
10 undershirts
3 Tzitzis
4 long sleeved shirts
7 polo or t-shirts
5 long pants/jeans
5 shorts
1 lightweight jacket
2 sweatshirts
3 yarmulkas
2 caps/hats
1 raincoat
2 Shabbos outfits
3 white Shabbos shirts
1 heavy bathrobe
2 light pajamas
2 warm pajamas
2 bathing suits
2 hand towels
2 large bath towels
3 bed sheets
2 pillowcases
1 warm blanket
1 pillow

1 pr. shoes
1 pr. sneakers
1 pr slipper/sandals
1 pr. rubbers or rainboots

Soap & soap case
Toothbrush and case
Hair shampoo
Plastic cup
Nail clipper
2 boxes of tissues

1 sleeping bag
1 knapsack
1 water canteen
1 flashlight (with extra batteries)

1 shoe polish kit
8 clothes hangers
1 suitcase
1 duffel bag
1 laundry bag

Camera (read: cheap)
indoor games (like a deck of cards or UNO)
Good reading books
Postcards & envelopes
Pens, pencils, & papers
Baseball Glove
Sunscreen & sunglasses
swim goggle

RELIGIOUS ARTICLES (for older boys)

The only things left are rainboots, sunglasses, bathrobe, cheap digicam, 1 pair of long pants, 2 Shabbos pants, and a baseball glove. Thankfully, we have a little over a month to get the rest of the stuff. Rainboots are crazy hard to find. So now I can relax a little before summer school and camp starts.


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