I read an interesting article this evening…

I had a decidedly unfashionable day. I pulled the covers over my head and stayed in lump for most of the morning. I did manage to be somewhat productive. I folded more of my son’s clothing for school and camp.

So I was reading an Real Simple about Must-Do Summer Beauty steps. The article talks about easing up on your beauty routine a little but not to skip certain steps.

Personally, I find my routine gets more intense during summertime.

For makeup, I put on a moisturizer with a higher SPF; primer; foundation, lip liner, waterproof mascara, blotting papers.

Beauty wise, I’m shaving my legs, doing eyebrow maintenance, doing the mani/pedi once a week.

I dunno…is it just me?


Oh, BTW… the summertime contest is going to end June 30th, 2009 at 11AM. Winners will be announced then; emails will be sent out and y’all should be getting your stuff by mid-July. They are packed and ready to hit your hot little hands!


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