friday was my fashion field trip

First stop was East NY. I didn’t go shopping there. I had to deal with the gubmental red tape.

It was raining bullets so I cracked out both the Burberry trench and my purple camo umbrella:

Then I took the bus to the L train and Twittered on the way to Manhattan. I went to Broadway Junction and took the A to 14St.

I went to Banana Republic and bought Malachite:

it was on sale for $20!

Then I took the L across town to Union Square. I finally walked into Forever 21. If you can’t stand loud music then don’t go in there. Just warning you… Those who follow me on Twitter got a sneak peek at this:

Peacock Feather Hairclips, $3.80, Forever 21

I also bought a pair of shades because I need them…

Sunglasses, $5.80, Forever 21


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