From my inbox: letters from the fashionistas!

Look at what I found when I opened my letterbox today…

Email #1:
Hey Frum Fashionista!

What are your favourite websites for hairstyles? I would like to get a fresh look before My Beloved visits and I need some suggestions as to where I should look!


To be honest, I’m not a hair person…even though you see my playing with my sheital all the time. I usually find hair inspiration from the telly. I live in NYC and they talk about fashion during the news. Morning, noon, and night; it don’t matter. The main advice I can give you is NOT to mess around with a new color during the summer! My hair gets super dry when the mercury rises.

I found this one on Summer ’09 hair trends interesting… The runways were full of bobs. That could work too. I’m not into bobs because I’ve been there done that and I’m not going back! One trend I like is the wavy/curly look. I live by the beach, so there you go. Here’s an article that shows you how to get that tousled, beach hair look!

Paging hannahsarah; the hair lady! What do you think?

Email #2: a letter from a new reader!
Hey Frum Fashionista,

I just found your blog. I have no trouble finding the modest stuff…

My problem is that I fall into the “okay this meets the tznius code so I’ll buy it” trap! I need help putting together a nice, trendy, simple *FASHIONABLE* outfit.

Chani from Cali!

Well, Chani I’m from NY. So I’ll try my best. Glamour is found in the individual pieces. The main things to consider are your body shape and your skintone (and it’s undertones), and your face shape.

I put this set together really quick. Any excuse, to use a picture of Rashida Jones, right? 😉

I put in some wardrobe essentials like casual tops, a couple of denim skirts, and accessories. Of course a Kangol hat made an appearance! A trilby hat is an essential accessory in the cali casual style. Hopefully, you will find these pieces inspiring. I will be posting more on cali style soon.

Got questions fashionistas? Drop a line in my inbox.

Remember to comment and twitter away for the contest!


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