Swimming into summer

I’m planning to put in some serious beach time! I’ve been stressed from the packing and everything else in my headspace. When you live near the beach; why not? Too bad I can’t surf on my beach, LOL! Plus, I’m trying to take a tiny vacation while my son is off to camp. Where am I planning to go? Another beach town, Atlantic City. So, I’ve been checking out modest swim wear.

I found 4 different modest swimwear lines. Many brands are available in plus sizes. One brand is even available in Maternity sizing.

Jump in; the water’s just fine!


I read an interesting article this evening…

I had a decidedly unfashionable day. I pulled the covers over my head and stayed in lump for most of the morning. I did manage to be somewhat productive. I folded more of my son’s clothing for school and camp.

So I was reading an Real Simple about Must-Do Summer Beauty steps. The article talks about easing up on your beauty routine a little but not to skip certain steps.

Personally, I find my routine gets more intense during summertime.

For makeup, I put on a moisturizer with a higher SPF; primer; foundation, lip liner, waterproof mascara, blotting papers.

Beauty wise, I’m shaving my legs, doing eyebrow maintenance, doing the mani/pedi once a week.

I dunno…is it just me?


Oh, BTW… the summertime contest is going to end June 30th, 2009 at 11AM. Winners will be announced then; emails will be sent out and y’all should be getting your stuff by mid-July. They are packed and ready to hit your hot little hands!

I was super busy this weekend.

Thursday, I went to dinner with the ILs.

Friday, I cooked shabbos dinner under an hour:
BooBerry Salad (baby spinach, blueberry, raspberry-walnut dressing)
Gefilte Fish
Beef Stroganoff

Saturday, I slept and slept. Ate cholent and slept some more.

Today, I started packing my son’s camp bags. I know it’ sounds mad but if I don’t do it now; it will be a last minute dash.

Plus, it helps me figure out what I still need to buy. Because the camp list is redonkulous!

From my letterbox: preggo chic

I stumbled upon your website… maybe you have some advice.

I am five months pregnant and I’m having an awful time trying to find maternity clothing that will keep me covered while not making me look like i’m in some kind of mismatched ridiculous outfit. My biggest problem is that I find that maternity shirts never go with skirts as the shirts are so flowy. In general (pre-pregnancy), I wear tops that are more fitted since I find that skirts just look ridiculous with long flowy tops. any ideas on a solution?


B’shaah Tovah! Quite a number of FrumFashionista readers are sporting the belly bump this season. If you are working on a budget, then there are three things you must grapple with:

  1. am I willing to use work clothes for shabbos and vice versa?
  2. do I have the patience to search high and low for sales?
  3. what can I find that will transition nicely from summer to fall?

Right now, fall/winter stuff is on sale. Your best bet right now is to pick up 2 – 3 Fall pieces that will carry you through the end of your pregnancy. Many pregnant women go through at least one season of cooler weather. So you don’t need so many pieces that are cold weather ready. The rest of your preggo chic wardrobe should be full of pieces that are layerable, high quality and inexpensive. The center pieces should be neutrals and your accessories, such as jewelry and shoes, will be your pops of color.

If you have a cuff bracelet use that during the summer, with a nice pair of sandals and glam tote. Flats you can use during the summer as well as the beginning of fall.

Use tall/ankle boots during the fall. I tend to wear boots year-round, but I’m crazy like that…

For handbags, use a slouchy hobo or a satchel for the fall.

Here’s the thing…many retail chain maternity shirts are tunic length. Maternity stores that sell pants tend to make tunic tops because they hang over pants better. Does that make sense?

Flowy, bohemian maternity shirts can be tricky… you best bets would be to pair your current tops with skirts like:

The key is to make sure the skirts are slim cut and sleek and/or has a heavy drape…to balances the airiness of the top. Add a pair of slingbacks or embellished flip-flops and you’re good to go!

Here are my suggestions for work:
get 2-4 shells from Lilo Maternity. They are pricey but I have gotten so many raves about the fit of their tops. Plus, you can use the to layer w/o adding crazy bulk. Lilo is running a 10% sale of regular price items + free shipping for orders $100 and up.
The most expensive item in this set is the maternity jacket for $30 from the gap.

Here are my suggestions for casual gear:

If you job allows you to wear jeans to work by all means use the dark denim skirt to your advantage. It’s $56 but it’s a year round piece that you can easily dress up or down. For fall, you can pair it with a pair of leggings, boots/flats, and a top and you’re done! I wear my dark denim skirts often! The other skirts you can get away with wearing to work as well with no problem.

Good luck and hope that helps!


I have a love/hate relationship with my eyes. I love that I have two of them and that I am not legally blind. However, I hate that I have to wear glasses/contacts and that although my insurance covers glasses; I typically have to pay at least $70 for lighter lenses. A high index lens would cost me about $180 – $200 extra. I am near-sighted (myopia, for the medical fashionistas) with -10.00 diopter. In essence, my glasses are coke bottles.

These are the frames I picked out today:

Interestingly, the eye doctor asked if I ever considered LASIK surgery. Please, I’ve been wanting that surgery since the early 90s! She thinks I may be a good candidate for it.

However, my Rx is crazy high so most likely, I can’t get 20/20 uncorrected vision post-op and it would be a trickier lazer. But even if I have a lower Rx… that means that I can get glasses w/o paying extra money for thinner lenses.

So now I’m sitting on the strongly considering part of the LASIK fence. Of course, I’m going to several places and reading the FDA’s LASIK page while proceeding with caution.

So any fashionistas considering LASIK or have previously had LASIK?