what’s swinging in frumfashionista’s closet this week!

what’s cracking over in frumfashionista’s closet

As most of you know, I live a block from the beach.

Now that the water temp is decent, I can go swimming again.

O.K. in my case that means frolicking and floating in the ocean. I better learn how to swim. Anyhoo, that means I need a spare bathing suit and 2 – 3 pairs of sunglasses.

So I will talk about swimsuits and shades. I also realized that I have been lax in my fashionista profiles. I was talking about the posh eclectic. My mother passing away threw a monkey wrench and increased my lack of focus. So I will get back into the swing of things.

Also, for the first time ever during a holiday, I lost weight. I lose three pounds. Don’t ask me how that happened… I think it was the Cinch shakes. Now I’m beginning to have an hourglass figure. So I better get some exercise gear too!

Also I’m Twittering, more details to follow!

Plus, I’m running a contest this month. Whee!


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