sping into summer: feet


I know you’re thinking Frum Fashionista has finally lost the rest of her mind…

Seriously, summer is literally right around the corner and so are sandals and open-toe shoes. Winter can be rough on the feet. Between the dryness and (shall I say, neglect) most people’s feet need an overhaul for spring/summer.

Last week, my feet were killing me. So I took a trip to the podiatrist. Turns out I have ingrown toenails. Here are some common foot ailments and what you can do about them.

5 Cheap Favs for your feet:
Feet Got The Funk?

To prevent stinky and slippery feet that can lead to blisters, coat the bottoms of your feet with a potent antiperspirant, like Secret Flawless Invisble Antiperspirant/Deodorant ($4 at drugstores), at night or in the morning. Personally, I reserve the remnants of my anti-perspirant, Degree for my feet.

Exfoliate and Soften

Instead of slathering on lotion (which can make feet slippery and lead to blisters), try Freeman’s Salt Body Scrub, Guava, ($4, drugstore.com) This is good for people who needs moderate exfoliation to slough off flakes and lightly hydrates skin.

Heal Painful, Cracked Skin

When calluses get especially dry, they can split. Try Neutrogena’s Foot Cream ($4, drugstore.com). Slather this cream over dry skin and cracks to soften and seal them.

Prevent Blisters

Swipe Band-Aid Friction Block Stick ($5 – $7 at drugstores) over the backs of heels, the tops of toes, or any other places shoes or sandals rub. The protective balm minimizes blister-causing friction. This is a must have!!!

Remove Rough Spots

Calluses form to protect skin from injury but they ain’t pretty. Smooth them with Sally Hansen Intensive Gel Callus Remover ($8 at drugstores), which contains moisturizing urea, aloe, jojoba, and tea-tree oil.

I use this in conjunction with my Curél intensive foot cream and I’m done!

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