oh yay!

I get so happy when the mailman comes!

so now I gots my Hunter boots…

(and y’all get to see my new mobile too.)
They are solid black tall boots. I can’t wait until it rains again!

I did promise that I will show you the shoes I got last week so here they are:

Etienne Aigner Venezia boots in brown
(you can also see my new kitten, Bella, I’m full of bonuses today!) It’s a lovely dark chocolate brown…so comfy. I wore them yesterday and I was on air. Warning: if you have thick calves these maybe cut too narrow. The boots have a lovely hidden elastic gusset to give you a bit more wiggle room (maybe 1/2″?) If I wore thick tights with these then they will fit just right.

BCBG flats
Looks killa, feels killer…maybe I let my feet go to heck this season but this shoe made my toes hurt. For lack of better descriptives, the shoe is cut really low in the front. I wore them for ten minutes and my feet got angry at me. The length is perfect and the width is slightly wider than normal. A very good cut for a flat…just not for my feet.

Juicy flats
alas they feel too snug. Definitely has to get stretched. Again after 5 minutes with them on; the feet were enraged!

I’m hitting the podiatrist this afternoon just to make sure my feet are O.K. My feet are hurting too much. I’m such a responsible fashionista!


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