Milano wigs (review)

Milano is a brand it seems that people either LOVE or HATE! Generally, buying sheitals is a matter of mazel (luck!) I think the best time to go it during a sale… you can look and no one will pressure you. My pony sheital was $475 (not precut)

I wear my pony sheital using the front and back combs. I don’t use the side clips closed because that hurts! I just open them up and use them like combs. It really helps the sideburn “pieces” to lay flatter! Obviously you don’t have to use all of the clips or combs.

Style PT, Milano

front comb:

front side clip:

(by sideburn piece)

back comb:

(you can hopefully see the side clips for the back)

middle of the wig:

That apparently allows women to pull out their hair to blend in with the wig.

I’m pretty happy with it. Honestly, it’s worth taking a trip out to Brooklyn. I think a sale out-of-town maybe more hectic than the showroom. If anyone has gone to a sale please share what your experience was!

My scalp is really sensitive and the combs don’t hurt it at all. I wore it after I relaxed my hair and my scalp wasn’t protesting. So that’s a thumbs up for those who color/relax/perm their hair. I have wore it for 12 hours straight and almost fell asleep in it until Hubster reminded I was still wearing it.

The wigs run from $550 – $2100. They are very good for those who are on a budget and don’t want to spend $3K+ for a human hair wig. So check them out for realz!


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