headgear continued…

On Wednesday, I got my package from The Skirt Site. I was so thrilled! I’ll show y’all how I look in my new skirt later. I’m sticking to the headcovering discussion!

Well, I got my new headgear on Thursday. I was really good and didn’t open my package until Saturday night. That didn’t stop me from looking at it longingly!

So here’s my pre-tied tichel:

I love this one because the thin turquoise stripes are metallic and it’s all glittery!

I’m not so crazy about my new B&W straw hat though…

Maybe I just have to get used to it…

I am finally getting used to my pony sheital…last week I bought accessories for my pony sheital. I found some cute hair stuff at a local store called Amazing Savings:
I found a pack of black “ouchless” elastic hair ties for a buck!
a 2pk of crocheted headbands (Merona®):

and my favorite…a satin (chocolate/beige stripped) headband for a $1

Headbands are great for people who wear sheitals. Whether you wear a pony wig or a full wig, you can wear a headband! Obviously, they work for a fall (a 3/4 wig):
Reversible Fall from Jacquelyn Wig’s African-American collection

The only thing you have to worry about wearing a fall is whether you:
how much hair are you willing to show if any?
whether the fall can be used with a headband as well as a hat?


4 thoughts on “headgear continued…

  1. Thanks! You know I believe in eyebrow maintenance, LOL! I won’t do it myself otherwise I would get tweezer happy. I leave that to the pros.
    I was looking for a satiny headband like the striped one but alas I only found that one! Tomorrow is another day 😉

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