Spring into summer: headcoverings

Hi, this is boobalah! frumfashionista asked me to do a guest post on Springy non-wig hair coverings.

Scarves are a fun fashion accessory. If you don’t use them to cover your hair, they can also be worn as a belt or headband. They also look cute tied to a purse!

To keep scarves from sliding around and to ensure full coverage, it’s best to use an underscarf. These are two common options.

Tie-Back Hijab Underscarf
Availiable on Ebay in 19 colors, about $3.
Note: These are from a Muslim company. Most hijab companies sell them. I’ve never found anything similar from a non-Muslim source.

Tight Snood
Availiable at tznius.com in strawberry and banana, $2.95.

Once you have your underscarf, it’s time to find scarves. For warm weather, it’s best to look for scarves in lightweight cotton or cotton blends.

30″ Square cotton voile scarf
Available here from Anokhiusa.com. Their rectangle scarves won’t cover, but the 30″ square ones will. They have dozens of patterns. The scarves are hand block-printed in India, $18.
36″ cotton printed scarf
Availaible here from Headcovers.com in 10 different prints, $14.99. Headcovers.com offers a lot of different warm-weather friendly scarf options.

Hats are another great option for summertime hair-covering. You can wear an underscarf or tight snood underneath to ensure coverage. If you don’t cover your hair, hats are fun anyway. They shade your face and look cute with hair sticking out the bottom!

A wide brim shades the face.

Black Floppy-Brim Hat
Available here from LuxuryDivas.com, $17.99. They have lots of other floppy straw hats.

A summery straw fedora is a classic look.

Straw porkpie hat
Available here from Target, $12.99. Target has lots of cute, summery scarves and hats.

Many snoods are heavy and thick. Not so good for summer! These cotton ones are lightweight and breathable. (And I own a couple. They will cover the hairline, even though the model isn’t pictured that way.)

Meg’s Gray Snood
Availible here in 15 colors, $15.99.

Note: This is a site run by and geared toward evangelical Christians who cover their hair.


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