Vote on Michelle O’s outfit

First of all, Queen Elizabeth hugged Michelle Obama. Second, the queen made the first move. Wha, wha, what?!

I’ve read in several places where people thought First Lady Obama’s outfit was entirely inappropriate. The less charitable people thought she looked hideous!
See for yourself:

Comment below to share your thoughts… let’s keep this as non-political as possible. This is a fashion blog not the Huffington Post!


11 thoughts on “Vote on Michelle O’s outfit

  1. Sorry about the quiz…it’s a little wonky but I’m not futzing with it anymore, LOL!
    I like her outfit because it gives off an approachable air. If she put on a button-less jacket she would have looked awesome as well. Honestly, I do think fashion-wise she’s a refreshing change from other first ladies of recent years. She looks like she’s being herself instead of being tossed in something that looks foreign to her personal taste!

  2. I don’t find anything inapprorpriate about her outfit. It’s not my style, but I think she looks fine. In fact, I think she looks better than the Queen: Lizzie looks like she’s wearing a pink potato sack with too much room up top…which is a pity because, frequently, she looks much snappier.

  3. I agree that the shirt is too low cut. In secular standards, her shirt is still on the conservative side… I would give the outfit a 9.5 just because I think the outfit is just slightly too on the casual side because of the sweater.

  4. The queen looks like she was chilling that day and didn’t feel like putting on a bra. I think both of them were hanging out. Look at Prince Phillip; looks like he was racing to get out of their and hang with the new prez and knock back a few beers, LOL!

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