Spring into summer: Suits

Suits can be intimidating. A tznius suit can quickly veer towards the frumpy side if you get the wrong cut for your body. Proportion is very important for suits; if the jacket is too short or the skirt sits too low on the waist or longish, you are asking for trouble! After all, suits are supposed to look sharp: clean and crisp are the buzzwords when you go suit shopping! Make sure the jacket fits properly in the shoulder and underarm.

There are two main looks for a skirt suit: classic or girly. Classic skirt suits typically have a jacket with a pencil skirt. These tend to be very tailored and offer more coverage. A girly skirt suit tends to have feminine detailing such as a floaty skirt with softer lines, a cropped jacket, or trendy colors. Girly suits tend to be on the funky side but you should still look for quality tailoring!

On the rare occasion, you can find a menswear-inspired skirt suit. Most of the time, these suits tend to be pantsuits. The jacket is usually three-buttoned and boxy like a men’s jacket. The skirt tends to be straight, flat-front, and very tailored. However, these suits work best for those who have narrow figures!

A suit is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe! It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a stay-at-home mum. A student needs a great suit for job interviews (paid or unpaid positions.) For SAHMs, a suit is great for shul, school/organization meetings, and simchas. If you are in these situations, invest in two classic skirt suits or 1 classic skirt suit and 1 girly skirt suit for a day-to-evening look!

What should be in the working fashionista’s suit closet:
2 classic skirt suits
1 girly skirt suit
1 evening suit

Optional (if you ♥ suits):
1 additional girly suit
1 additional evening suit

Design note: the majority of these suits are by frum designers. All suits pictured DO fall below-the-knee. Additionally, many offer longer skirts to fit your modesty requirements! Please contact individual designers for specific sizing information/availability.
Save: if you find a great suit for a steal go for it!
girly skirt suit
girly skirt suit
taffeta, sizes XS, S, XL, $72 (with promo code), Eshet Chayil

classic skirt suit
crepe, sizes 6, 8, 10, Kasper, $110, SmartBargains

tailored plus-size suit
tailored plus-size suit
sizes 1X and 2X only, $78 (with promo code), Eshet Chayil

femme sleek suit
femme sleek suit
sizes 0 – 18, available, $125, Dorit Antian
Store location: 1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Spend: on the best quality suit you can afford! (everyone needs them)
evening suit
evening suit
shown in black lurics, $349
sizes 0 – 26, $275 -$365, Zori Fashion

silk-cotton suit
modern suit
silk/cotton blend, sizes 0- 18, $199, Dorit Antian
Crown Heights store: 1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

funky classic suit
seasonless suit
$275 as shown
100% silk, sizes 0 – 26, $275 – $335, Zori Fashion

satin suit
satin suit
satin, 0 -18, dress also in black, $155, Dorit Antian
Crown Heights location:
1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Not convinced? You can get plenty of use out of a suit by using them as separates! A popular dressy-casual outfit in New York is a button-down jacket with jeans and boots. Simple yet chic! A suit can stretch out your spring/summer wardrobe with the jacket alone; the skirt just adds more options. Most suiting are available in separates if you are different sizes on top or bottom.


14 thoughts on “Spring into summer: Suits

  1. It is eggplant, which is why I bit the bullet and paid through the nose for it! It’s my best color and I’ll wear it for years.
    I’ll post pictures of it at some point. I’m still trying to find something to wear under it. I have no luck with button-down shirts. I’ll probably buy a shell from Land’s End for under it before my wedding.

  2. I love the suits at Roamans. They are cheap, machine washable, and are cut well. They are polyester, but if you have kids you’ll quickly see the benefit to this. 🙂
    The best thing about Roamans is that you can always find suits with long skirts, and they TELL you if there is a slit or not. I hate when websites don’t include that important bit of information.
    At these prices, you really can’t go wrong:

  3. “Stylish” and “modest” should never be mutually exclusive! Plus, everyone has their process. I think it’s especially important to dress modestly and still reflect your personal style.

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