Bling that caught my eye

well I don’t really obsess over them; I just really, really want!
I love bling. I love the word even. Let’s say it together:

See? It’s a great word. Almost as good as “babombahbush”! Now I realize some people may not realize what that means. Short definition: someone who’s so skinny that spandex bike shorts are baggy on their legs. One would think it impossible but sadly it’s true.

Yes, I’m trolling for bling in the middle of Pesach cleaning because if I didn’t I would lose my marbles, along with my broom and mop!

white gold locket
sterling silver, $200, Overstock

tangled choker
“Stacks” by Dirty Librarian Chains, $198, Nimli

poison ring
sizes 5 – 9, sterling silver, $80, Victorian Trading Co.


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