Spring into Summer: dresses

Dresses are the spring/summer life saver! Casual dresses are easy to find cheap.

I live a block away from the beach. Between the sun, ocean breezes, humidity, and sweat, most of my summer dresses are trashed by summer’s end! I usually have 3 – 4 summer dresses. I have one day-to-evening dress as well. Most of the dresses, I have are work-appropriate as well. So I try to find the most multi-purpose, structured dresses possible!

If you have more than 3 important warm weather events, splurge on a daytime party dress or an evening dress!

Here’s the minimum dresses to keep you stylishly cool:
2 weekend dresses
2 work dresses
1 daytime party dress
1 evening dress (if you have tons of simchas!)

Optional: 1 – 3 additional weekend dresses

Save: casual summer dresses!

girly sweet dress
cotton eyelet, sizes 4 – 16, $79, Territory Ahead

graphic floral sundress
feminine graphic dress
polyester blend, sizes 4 -18, also in solid black, $30, Kmart

dark denim dress
cotton, sizes 4-18 misses/petite, $25,
plus size 16W – 24W, $30, Chadwicks

spring maxi dress
cotton, shown in blue, also in pink and grey,
sizes XS – XL, $25 – $35, solid available in plus size, Old Navy

Spend: on a well-tailored work dress!
work-to-evening dress
casual work dress
linen/cotton blend, shown in carob, also in moss
37″ long, sizes 6 – 14, $43, REI Outlet

brocade shift dress
silk, sizes XS – XL, $120, Dorit Antian,
Go to website to order catalogue!

summer evening dress
silk evening dress
silk, Jones New York, sizes 4 – 14 , $94, Nordstrom


7 thoughts on “Spring into Summer: dresses

  1. That dress is pretty cute!
    The problems I have with shabbyapple is that:
    1. not too many dress available in size L and up (from what I’ve seen…)
    2. The hemlines are too short (I’m 5’8″ and many of the hemlines would be at or above the knee.)
    I’d prefer a shell underneath or sleevies when push comes to shove. I mostly wear separates anyway so that’s not an issue for me. But I can see how that would be problematic!

  2. It’s the sleeves that are more problematic than the neckline. It’s harder to find a summer dress with longer sleeve dress than it is to find a higher neckline.
    The denim dress you can easily put a white (or light colored) 3/4 shell under it and it will look hot.
    I try to find dresses that have a wide gamut of sizes so that makes the task more difficult.
    A shift dress you can turn into a suit by throwing a nice jacket over it.

  3. I was really annoyed by Shabby Apple’s sizing; they often don’t even have mediums in the dresses I like!
    I’m 5’3″, so hemlines aren’t an issue for me.

  4. Summer is really hard for tznius shopping. I pretty much don’t buy summer clothes, I buy lightweight fall clothing that can be layered.
    I’m a big fan of 100% bamboo long sleeve t-shirts. They are lightweight, breathe, and are naturally antibacterial, so they don’t get all sweaty and stinky like cotton. Not to mention the fact that they are totally eco friendly and renewable crops. Bamboo underwear is awesome in the summer, too.
    I do like to buy linen long sleeve shirts and linen skirts for Shabbos. I have to do a lot of ironing, but they are nice and airy and cool so it’s worth the tradeoff for me. I buy them when they go on clearance in the early fall, so it’s not so expensive.

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