how to turn pesach cleaning into a fashionista experience!

I started cleaning a little late this year. It was easy to inventory my Pesachdik appliances…they are at my in-laws in a double-sealed giant tote! I will only get things I KNOW I don’t have. Hence! A trip to B.P. is warranted.

Here’s a link from titled “Passover Cleaning Made Easy”
If this is your first time making Pesach, read this. It will calm your nerves a bit!

First, I organized my son’s closet. My closet was organized and wiped down as well.

After Purim, the “chametz crate” came out. At first, I just put in the mishloach manos in it. This week, I started cleaning out the pantry closet and kitchen cabinets. Now, chametz like cereals are in the box. So I decided so use some of the stuff from my cabinet for some natural skin treatment.

Some beauty fixes you may like:
For Dry Skin That Lost The Battle of Winter:
Apple oatmeal facial mask

Cleansing Mask for Oily skin
10 drops of lemon juice
egg white

Exfoliator for Oily Skin
3 parts honey
2 parts yogurt
some oatmeal to exfoliate


Combine oatmeal and cornmeal with sugar, olive oil, and a raw egg yolk. Avoid the eyes!

So, what’s your fashionista way of getting chametz of your house?


6 thoughts on “how to turn pesach cleaning into a fashionista experience!

  1. We just try to eat it up. What we don’t we sell. I do try to get the kids a little bored with mac and cheese and such so that they are happy to take a break.

  2. My son gets bored with mac and cheese…but he’s gets testy during Pesach!
    I do this with little scraps left in bags…not enough to make food but too much to toss out!
    The whole “Wasting food is bad” thing, LOL!

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