Spring into Summer: T-Shirts

T-shirts are a girl’s BFF for spring and summer! They are cheap and they are the backbone to your wardrobe year-round. You can wear them to work as well as on the weekend—if you do it right. Most of the time, women tend to have a lot of t-shirts. All you have to do is check to see if they are not stained or stretched out.

I rely on Old Navy for basic tees—I can get them for $5 a piece. Their shirts last me a year easy. H&M and Target are also good places where you can find basic and funky shirts! Wal-Mart tees are too boxy for my taste so I skip them. Another frugal tip: go to the men’s or boys department for t-shirts. My cousin does this because she has broad shoulders!

What should be in your t-shirt arsenal:
2 white t-shirts (because they get dingy and stain)
2 black t-shirts (because they do fade in the wash)
4 tank tops (for layering during spring)
1 striped tee
1 henley or polo
2–4 tees in fun solids or different necklines!

Save on basic tees and fun fashion tees (should cost under $20)
basic white t-shirt
basic white t-shirt
100% cotton, “Favorite crewneck T,” sizes XXS – 2X misses
also in tall/petite sizes XXS-2X, $10, GAP

basic black t-shirt
basic black t-shirt
100% cotton, “Favorite crewneck T,” sizes XXS – 2X in misses/petite/tall
also in 6 additional colors, $10, GAP

plus-size tank
plus size tank
sizes 1X – 3X, also available in four additional colors, $15, Old Navy

layering tank
layering tank
shown in safari olive, 12 additional colors
sizes XS – 2X misses/petite/tall, $6, Old Navy

striped boatneck tee
shown in navy/white stripe, also in 3 additional colors
cotton, “Seaport,” 3/4 sleeve, size XS (4) to XL (18-20), $22.50, L.L. Bean

dip dye polo
dip dye polo
shown in aqua, also in persimmon,
hyacinth, and coral pink, XS – XL misses, 1X- 3X plus size, $25
also in 8 solid colors, XS – XL, $20
10 plus size solids, 1X – 3X, $30, Lands’ End

puff-sleeve t-shirt
stretch cotton, shown in pink,
also in 7 additional colors, $15, Old Navy

basic fun tee
100% cotton, shown in “Airwalker,”
also in 9 additional colors, $7.50, Old Navy


16 thoughts on “Spring into Summer: T-Shirts

  1. I love Old Navy for shirts. I’m always amazed when I find stuff in there that fits me because their stuff is often very cute and I love the material they use for shirts.

  2. I have freakishly long monkey arms, and a tattoo of a snake on my right wrist. This makes finding appropriate shirts a bit of a challenge, to say the least. I’ve discovered that American Apparel long sleeve shirts are EXTRA long in the arms, which makes me very happy. (I’m not always tugging on the sleeves, wondering who I’m scandalizing.)
    The other thing I love about AA shirts is that I can wash them in hot water, and tumble on high and they DO NOT shrink one bit, not even in the arm length. I can’t tell you how many cheap long sleeve shirts I’ve bought, just to have them turn into 3/4 sleeve shirts on the first wash.

  3. Girl… I feel your pain. White shells, IMO are also problematic!
    My skin is dark and my new nude bra doesn’t show through. I was pleased!
    Old Navy white polos aren’t see through but the material is heavier obviously!
    I think what my help is either a nude bra or a nude cami. I have to see!

  4. I’ve tried that! My skin is pinkish, though, and shows through. I normally just use white as an undershirt to fill in the neckline and then don’t worry if my skintone shows through.
    Polos are such an unfortunate cut on me. I’ve never found good looking ones on me.

  5. It’s great. When my t-shirts and leggings die (which, since I buy them in batches, they go en masse, like lemmings or something) my mom and I put in an order together. We’re hoping to do one soon, sine my leggings are holey and my tanks tops have all vanished. I love their baby rib hoodies. Comfiest thing ever.
    Seriously, if you make an order, lemme know and I’ll give you my e-mail.

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