it’s like pesach cleaning for my blog.

I have been lax putting together tags and links. I think I will be able to get away more with tabs than links. Other links are dead.

Are you organized? What tags would you like to see?

Yes, I’m putting y’all to work! This is your blog as much as it is mine!

now on to more clothes!


6 thoughts on “clean-up

  1. One thing I’d like to see you use is direct links to the product’s page, instead of linking through go2me. My computer screen is tiny (8.9″) and the go2me frame takes up a lot of space.
    I’d also love it if you did a post or two on good non-sheitel hair coverings. Heck, I’d write it for you! I’m a scarves addict, and I’m always on the lookout for new sources.

  2. ITA with go2me issue. my screen is a 15″ and the frame is a pain! Have you had any issues with tinyurl? I think a headscarf post is overdue because it is summertime. I don’t really wear scarves. I tend to do hats and sheitels. I think I will stick to using go2me for twitter.

  3. Tinyurl is a lot easier to deal with. I think that you could just use HTML and link directly to individual product sites as well, even if they have a long address. On LJ, there’s no need for short URLs the way there is with twitter.

  4. ASFAIK, LJ does have a file size limit for journal entries. HTML coding counts towards that limit. Plus, many URLs are very long. For me, it’s a PITA to use long URL strings when I code. It’s easier to work shorter strings than dealing with something like this:
    and that isn’t dreadfully long. Some URLs are 150+ characters.

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