Spring into Summer: Skirts

If you organized your closet like I did, you may find that it looks kinda barren.

Don’t panic!

Skirts (along with dresses) are a life saver for the spring/summer wardrobe. A good casual summer skirt is usually under $40! However, summer skirts can be embarrassingly sheer. Make sure it’s lined or have trusted fellow fashionista to check you out in a brightly lit area of the store. Cheeky should be an attitude problem not a fashion don’t!

A-LINE skirts are dummy-proof! They work on every woman. They minimize the hips while adding subtle curves.

LONG skirts actually makes you look taller. Plus, they minimize hips and thighs! : win:

PENCIL skirts are great for women who are happy with their curves or wish to look curvier. Proceed with caution!

If you NEVER wear pants, here’s the minimum amount of skirts you should have in your warm weather closet:
2 season-less work skirts
2 summer work skirts (crisp and professional!)
1 day-to-evening skirt
2 summer weekend skirts
1 denim skirt
1 leather or suede skirt (yes, I said it! Leather is year-round baby!)
1 summer evening skirt (optional, unless your social calender is FULL!)

Save: on casual skirts like denim or floaty summer skirts.
universal knee-length skirt
universal day–to–evening skirt
polyester stretch, sizes S – 3X (0 – 24), $24, The Skirt Site

twilight short denim skirt
short a-line denim skirt
cotton stretch, “Twilight short,” $38, Junee’s

voile drawstring skirt
twirly cotton skirt
cotton, sizes XXS – 2X (tall/petite sizes available online),
also available in 4 neutral colors, $25, Old Navy

lightweight long skirt
universal long slinky skirt
polyester stretch, also in brown and grey,
sizes 0/2 – 16/18, $28, The Skirt Site

striped skirt
going to the shore skirt
cotton, also in blue, sizes XXS – 2X,
also in petite/tall, $34, GAP

long dark denim skirt
size XS-XL, $38, The Skirt Site

plus-size crinkle skirt
chic simple plus-size skirt
shown in navy, also in black and espresso, sizes 14 – 32, $20, Avenue

Spend: on work skirts or a gorgeous summer evening skirt.
pencil skirt
pencil skirt
shown in grey wool, also in black satin,
wool houndstooth, black renova, $40, Dorit Antian

long work skirt
shown in chocolate brown, also in bark, charcoal, and black
misses size XS -XL $44, plus-size 14W- 24W, $49, Spiegel

seasonless wool-blend skirt
season-less pencil skirt
wool blend, sizes 2 – 20 in Misses, 0- 16 Petite,
Women/Petite Plus 12W-24W, $119, Talbot’s

leather skirt
leather skirt
leather, Terry Lewis, sizes 6 -16 misses/petites
plus/plus petite 18 – 24, also in tan and red, $70, HSN

ruffled suede skirt
die–of–teh–cute suede skirt
leather, falls below-the-knee, Terry Lewis, sizes 6 – 16 misses/petites
plus/petite plus 18 – 24, also in black and camel, $70, HSN


8 thoughts on “Spring into Summer: Skirts

  1. My suede skirt is so warm you won’t catch me in it unless it’s bitterly cold!
    As a college student, I’ve determined all the skirts I need are several denim (to substitute for blue jeans!), a black one and a khaki one.

  2. Thankfully, the list is adaptable according to lifestyle!
    When I was in college, I lived in denim skirts. I was so happy when I found a velour hoodie skirt set at Junee’s. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in school anymore to rock it, LOL!
    It depends on what point you are at in school.
    If you are about to do interning or go into the job market then I would suggest getting a great skirt suit (rather than work skirts.) Work skirts are for women who have a great suit or two already.
    The black (as well as a dark denim) could function as a day-to-evening skirt. The accessories is what pushes it from day to night. Although, one summer work skirt could fit the bill for going out too!
    As for two weekend skirts, how about a broomstick skirt? Or an A-line with a different texture/color (like olive green or grey.) i.e. this:
    or that:

  3. Oh that’s good to hear. I love that color! It’s not pastel but it’s so fresh!
    Does it fall below-the-knee? The models on Old Navy look like the have super long legs. I gets on my nerves that they don’t post lengths on skirts.

  4. Yea I love the pop of color, I love black skirts too much, that I’m trying to bring in some color in my skirts. I’m a shorty, 5’2 and it’s definitely below the knee. Which makes me happy because obviously being tznius, I only wear such skirts. But it’s long enough to be a comfortable below the knee I mean so you’re not always pulling it down and all that jazz hahah. Oh I totally agree, the length on skirts makes such a difference when posted. I figure most of the models are much taller then me, and I’ve learned that if it’s up to the models knees, it’s usually totally below my knee.

  5. That’s great news! I also love black too much!
    I’m not particularly tall. I’m 5’8 but my legs are super long. Most of the time, I find on the Old Navy site, the models have a similar leg length to mine. So I would have to get the tall length for sure, LOL!

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