I’m back y’all!

February was a crazy month for me.

I started the month off right by having to get stitches.

Then my mother had to be rushed to off to the ER and is currently in stable condition in the ICU.

I was productive and watched NY’s Fashion Week on the telly! Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson made me beam with happiness as always!

The designers either got very somber or they exploded with joie de vivre like Marc Jacobs and Betsey Johnson.

Obviously seeing Christian Louboutin shoes in a bunch of runway shows made me drool like nobody’s business!

Will I let the recession get me down? No!

Will I spend smart? Definitely!

Coming up on frumfashionista:
Iconic looks: Gamine, Posh Eclectic, Rock & Roll
Recessionista: what to get and what you should be paying for it!
Bra shopping: how to measure your self and where to go (p.s. it’s not to the nuthouse!)


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