I gots me a bra!

I went on an adventure on the Upper West Side.

I dragged Hubster to Bra Smyth on Broadway. I got measured. Turns out I’m a 36 DDD(F)/34 DDDD(G) depending on the cut and brand. So my self-measurement was dead on!

So what did I ultimately choose…

“Andora” minimizing T-shirt bra, Simone Pérèle, 34F, $77

Yes, I’m watching America’s Top Model Obsessed. :hangs head:

Anyhoo, I also found other favorites but they were either too $$$ or the wrong color:
Chatelle “Hedona” Underwire Seamless Sensation, 36 F, $68.00 (great fit, but the store only had white) White bras are too much on my skin: “day-glo” in the house!

Anita “Alana” Minimizer Underwire, $86 it only comes in ivory.

What a difference a proper bra makes! I was standing at attention, LOL! My back didn’t know what to make of it.


4 thoughts on “I gots me a bra!

  1. White bras are day-glo on me, and I’m so pale my skin is nearly translucent! You’d think y now, with the growing racial diversity in this country, manufacturers would pick up on the need to have more bra colors than “white” and some generic “flesh” color to wear under light colored shirts!

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