Tis the season for new undies

fa, la, la, la…
la, la, la!

I seriously put a beating on my poor underwear. It’s not like I do any extreme like bungie jumping, crawl through the jungle, or fill-in-the blank. I find that I go through bras and/or underwear every six months or so…

I wash my all undies by hand like a proper old skool gal! When I’m lazy, I will machine wash them in a lingerie bag like this:

lingerie bag, $5, Bed Bath & Beyond

The last time I bought underwear was that the Victoria’s Secret outlet in NJ in May. So I was long overdue. So far, I have lost five pounds. So my bras became ill-fitting.

Did you know 80% of chicks wear the wrong bra size?
Here are the top 5 Bra Sizing Myths!

When you have big girls (D+ cup) finding a bra becomes a full time job. I was getting quadraboob. So I knew what that meant…Going up a cup. I cried because this meant I was going into DDD land. I might even have to go into a DDDD(G) depending. At this point, I don’t mind so much because a proper fitting bra is the best way to fab on the sly.

I still don’t like soft-cup bras but that maybe my only option for the moment!



14 thoughts on “Tis the season for new undies

  1. I need new underwear. Since I wear Gap Hipster Panties, I try to remember to throw a pair or two in my shopping cart every time I make an Old Navy order. Hopefully, it’ll let me throw out some of the really ratty looking pairs.
    Have you tried any of the online specialty retailers for bras? I hear that they can be good if you’re below an A or above a DD. I want to be able to get custom bras made with a different sized cup on each side.

  2. Have you tried any of the online specialty retailers for bras? I hear that they can be good if you’re below an A or above a DD. I want to be able to get custom bras made with a different sized cup on each side.
    That’s precisely why I cried because I have to go to an online bra specialty place. No more VS outlet for me. My poor Hubster gets a heart attack whenever I go bra shopping, LOL!
    I’m thinking from my measurements I’m either a 36DDD or a 34/36 DDDD. :headdesk: I just bought 4 pairs of Land’s End Hipsters for $9.
    So I think what I’m going to do is go to go cheap on the underpants and spend the cash for a proper bra.

  3. The bra you bought me is literally the first bra I have ever owned that has ever fit me properly. It may be “all business”, but it’s still my favourite one. Some day when I have some $$$, I’m going to get myself a few good fitting bras.
    I’m hard on underwear, too…and I have no idea why. I hate how a lot of plus-size undies are UGLY or really expensive! I wish there was a place like La Senza for big ladies where WE could buy 8 sexy panties for $15.

  4. That’s a good price for underwear! I think you’ve got the right mindset. A good bra is going to make a much bigger difference in how your outfits look than underwear will.

  5. I never had the right size bra because I didn’t want to admit the size they were. But when I finally broke down, it was the best thing I ever did.

  6. I think that plays a large part too! In my opinion, once you go above a D cup, the options drop and the prices go up. Then chicks start trying to cram in a smaller bra. On the flip side, sometimes women on the smaller side, get the wrong size for similar reasons: the desire for more options!

  7. Here comes the TMI!!!
    Anyone with extra boobage to spare is welcome to send some my way. 😉
    I wear the ever elusive 38B. Often thought to be a myth, the careful shopper can find them if they are diligent enough. I have had many professional bra fitters try to convince me that I’m actually a 36C, but those bras always end up getting shoved to the back of the drawer. 36 feels like it’s going to pinch me in half, and my poor little girls are swimming in a C cup! I also HAVE to wear a padded bra, because I tend to “nip out” at the slightest change in temperature. My current favorite bra is actually called “I can’t believe it fits”. Trufax.

  8. Re: Here comes the TMI!!!
    Take my girls please! LOL!
    38 B are difficult to find. It’s just as bad as a D+ bra because 38 is a “larger band” and of course “large bands” are for the full-figured gals!
    I like molded t-shirt bras because I tend to “nip-out” too! It’s not full on “padding” but gives that nipple free look that’s best for everyone involved!

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