should recessionista become a new slang word?

I was reading an interesting blog regarding fashionista finance that posed an interesting question: “Is your wallet warm weather ready?” Ponzi schemes are an epidemic while companies are being kicked out of the Dow. It’s the financial world’s version of the fashion police!

March is a very unpredictable month by nature; this winter was mild over here in NYC and when do we get the big storm? March!
So transitional clothes are my BFF!

What’s in your closet? If you don’t wear pants like me, here’s
6 work tops (use versatile tops like 3/4 sleeve or lightweight long sleeve tops)
3 fun tops
4 weekend tops
2-3 shells (for layering)

t-shirts: hit stores like Old Navy and Target. Usually they cost $5 – $15!
2 black t-shirts (because they do fade in the wash)
2 white t-shirts (because they get dingy and stain)
4 tank tops (for layering during spring)
1 striped tee
1 henley or polo

sweaters: something for the office and cool summer nights
2 cardigans
1 vintage sweater

2 season-less work skirts
2 summer work skirts
1 day-to-evening skirt
2 summer weekend skirts
1 denim skirt
1 summer evening skirt

2 season-less blazers
1 summer blazer (preferably cropped or very structured to balance the flowy skirts)

dresses: effortless style and cool (in both senses of the word!)
2 Work dresses
2 Weekend dresses
1 Evening dress
1 Daytime party dress

7 pairs of underpants (yes, mom was right about not going to the doctor with dirty underwear)
3 everyday bras
3-5 work hose (or as many as you need)
1 pair of evening hose
1 black bra
1 nude camisole
1 silky camisole

2 pairs of good office shoes
1 pair of flip flops
1 pair of flat sandals
1 pair of strappy sandals

1 spring jacket
1 raincoat
1 transitional coat (like a peacoat or a trench that you can use for both spring and fall!)
1 lightweight casual jacket (like a dark denim jacket or a windbreaker)

handbags: the bare minimum for spring/summer. If you have to buy a bag, makes sure it’s high quality and classic so you will love it for years to come.
1 everyday bag (in black or brown)
1 work bag, tote, or briefcase
1 casual tote or straw tote
1 weekender bag (that’s carry-on worthy!)
1 summer evening bag (get a clutch or wristlet to do double-duty)
1 sturdy beach bag (make sure it’s waterproof and has strong bottom to stay upright)
As the weather changes, many of us re-evaluate our closets. As I redid my closet last month, I typed up a checklist of the minimum my wardrobe should have. throwing out the dated looks and sizes that don’t fit, replacing them with new pieces.

So what is a fashionista to do in a recession? Financial scandals come and go, but you can always depend on the timeless pieces in your wardrobe. Separate your favs from the rest.

Spring and Summer is easy to shop for…sort of. Don’t have enough basics or you just have to get something cute?
Stay tuned…for tips on what to do, where to shop, and when to clean out your closet!


6 thoughts on “should recessionista become a new slang word?

  1. I was reading in the NYT that punk and DIY are going to be the new “in” thing for a few years, because women are not wanting to be told that they need to buy new designer clothes. Ripped and battered, faded and patched will be the new style.
    Here in Seattle, it stays really cold and rainy right up until the end of June (aka June-urary), so having warm, yet summery looking layering pieces are a must. Just because it feels like Fall 9 months out of the year doesn’t mean you have to dress like it.
    Now, more than ever, Ebay is my BFF. I’ve been scoring several pairs of my favorite $135 shoes for $15 to $30 (brand new in the original box). Yay!

  2. I so hear you on that. eBay is my BFF for sure. I got a leather skirt for $11; a NWT Banana Republic silk top for $25, and Kenneth Cole shoes for $10. The only thing I bought from a store are my wellies.
    Over here in NYC, the vintage shops, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army store carry designer labels.
    I love transitional clothing that I can wear over several seasons. I don’t spend a lot of $$ on spring/summer clothes anyway… shoot between the $10 dollar stores and Marshall’s, Filene’s, Old Navy, H & M, and Target I’m straight!

  3. Quick funny: I saw this in my inbox. I didn’t tend to it this am. So when I went online to respond I went to the t-shirt post. Of course, I see your fab suggestion AFTER I posted that. Doh!
    How’s the quality in terms of softness, durability, etc? I did see that they carry some shirts up to 3X!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Their fabrics vary in softness. I love their baby rib fabric, it’s wonderful. The sheer jersey and cotton spandex jersey are nice too. Their stuff runs small, though, so order1-2 sizes up from what you normally are. And a lot of their stuff in white is a bit sheer.
    Everything I have keeps its color well, which is a rarity. It’s all held up to washing nicely, better than many of my knits from Old Navy and Gap. My one issue has been my leggings. I wear a pair daily in the inter, and the thigh seams wore out and started growing holes. I’ve fixed them on my sewing machine and I’m hoping it will hold. I buy all my basic knits there. Their Boy Beater tank comes in a rainbow of colors. I turn them back to front and wear them to fill in the neckline of tops.

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