Spring into summer: Suits

Suits can be intimidating. A tznius suit can quickly veer towards the frumpy side if you get the wrong cut for your body. Proportion is very important for suits; if the jacket is too short or the skirt sits too low on the waist or longish, you are asking for trouble! After all, suits are supposed to look sharp: clean and crisp are the buzzwords when you go suit shopping! Make sure the jacket fits properly in the shoulder and underarm.

There are two main looks for a skirt suit: classic or girly. Classic skirt suits typically have a jacket with a pencil skirt. These tend to be very tailored and offer more coverage. A girly skirt suit tends to have feminine detailing such as a floaty skirt with softer lines, a cropped jacket, or trendy colors. Girly suits tend to be on the funky side but you should still look for quality tailoring!

On the rare occasion, you can find a menswear-inspired skirt suit. Most of the time, these suits tend to be pantsuits. The jacket is usually three-buttoned and boxy like a men’s jacket. The skirt tends to be straight, flat-front, and very tailored. However, these suits work best for those who have narrow figures!

A suit is an important part of a woman’s wardrobe! It doesn’t matter if you are a student or a stay-at-home mum. A student needs a great suit for job interviews (paid or unpaid positions.) For SAHMs, a suit is great for shul, school/organization meetings, and simchas. If you are in these situations, invest in two classic skirt suits or 1 classic skirt suit and 1 girly skirt suit for a day-to-evening look!

What should be in the working fashionista’s suit closet:
2 classic skirt suits
1 girly skirt suit
1 evening suit

Optional (if you ♥ suits):
1 additional girly suit
1 additional evening suit

Design note: the majority of these suits are by frum designers. All suits pictured DO fall below-the-knee. Additionally, many offer longer skirts to fit your modesty requirements! Please contact individual designers for specific sizing information/availability.
Save: if you find a great suit for a steal go for it!
girly skirt suit
girly skirt suit
taffeta, sizes XS, S, XL, $72 (with promo code), Eshet Chayil

classic skirt suit
crepe, sizes 6, 8, 10, Kasper, $110, SmartBargains

tailored plus-size suit
tailored plus-size suit
sizes 1X and 2X only, $78 (with promo code), Eshet Chayil

femme sleek suit
femme sleek suit
sizes 0 – 18, available, $125, Dorit Antian
Store location: 1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Spend: on the best quality suit you can afford! (everyone needs them)
evening suit
evening suit
shown in black lurics, $349
sizes 0 – 26, $275 -$365, Zori Fashion

silk-cotton suit
modern suit
silk/cotton blend, sizes 0- 18, $199, Dorit Antian
Crown Heights store: 1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

funky classic suit
seasonless suit
$275 as shown
100% silk, sizes 0 – 26, $275 – $335, Zori Fashion

satin suit
satin suit
satin, 0 -18, dress also in black, $155, Dorit Antian
Crown Heights location:
1426 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Not convinced? You can get plenty of use out of a suit by using them as separates! A popular dressy-casual outfit in New York is a button-down jacket with jeans and boots. Simple yet chic! A suit can stretch out your spring/summer wardrobe with the jacket alone; the skirt just adds more options. Most suiting are available in separates if you are different sizes on top or bottom.


what i am currently coveting…

Sometimes I need to take a break from Fabuloso fumes! In terms of Pesach cleaning, I thought I was behind. Thankfully, I am further ahead than I thought!

Here are some clothes that struck my fancy:

ruffled trench
cotton, Luii, $98, Nordstrom

riding boot
leather, “Venezia” by Etienne Aigner, $130, DSW

metallic trench coat
shown in Prussian Metal, also in Carbon (grey) Metal, $60, DKNY, Smart Bargains

keen sandals
“Whisper,” shown in caribbean blue, Waterfront, $85, Keen

gothika silk dress
cotton/silk blend, size S – L, $170, Stars + Infinite Darkness

That’s how I look when I’m delegating tasks to the boys in my household.
Can you say no to that face? Heck no!

Bling that caught my eye

well I don’t really obsess over them; I just really, really want!
I love bling. I love the word even. Let’s say it together:

See? It’s a great word. Almost as good as “babombahbush”! Now I realize some people may not realize what that means. Short definition: someone who’s so skinny that spandex bike shorts are baggy on their legs. One would think it impossible but sadly it’s true.

Yes, I’m trolling for bling in the middle of Pesach cleaning because if I didn’t I would lose my marbles, along with my broom and mop!

white gold locket
sterling silver, $200, Overstock

tangled choker
“Stacks” by Dirty Librarian Chains, $198, Nimli

poison ring
sizes 5 – 9, sterling silver, $80, Victorian Trading Co.

Gamine: outerwear

The iconic piece of the gamine is the trench coat!

It’s the perfect coat because it’s a transitional wunderkund: you can wear it rain or shine in cooler months like spring and fall! It looks very professional. Get the wrong trench and you’ll end up looking like a P.I.!

A double-breasted coat, although impressive, can add additional bulk! If you are busty or petite, try a single-breasted trench coat.

What you should look for in a trench coat?
nice proportions: skinny arm and a decent sized collar
length: hits at mid-thigh
flexible: a removable lining
color: beige

For the Gamine, classic beige will only do! However, trench coats come in tons of colors now. So if you want a trendier looking trench by all means go for a color rather than a neutral! Just remember to knot the belt.

affordable-for-all trench
cotton, unlined, size XS-2X in Regular, Tall, and Petite, $49.40, Old Navy

full-length trench
polyester, fully lined, sizes 2 -18 misses/petite, $80
plus-size 16W – 24W, $90, Chadwicks

mid-length trench coat
polyester, sizes 2-18 misses/petite, $50, Chadwicks

single-breasted trench
cotton/poly blend, MICHAEL Michael Kors,
size XS – XL misses/petite, $128, 1X- 3X, $138, Nordstrom

Spring into Summer: dresses

Dresses are the spring/summer life saver! Casual dresses are easy to find cheap.

I live a block away from the beach. Between the sun, ocean breezes, humidity, and sweat, most of my summer dresses are trashed by summer’s end! I usually have 3 – 4 summer dresses. I have one day-to-evening dress as well. Most of the dresses, I have are work-appropriate as well. So I try to find the most multi-purpose, structured dresses possible!

If you have more than 3 important warm weather events, splurge on a daytime party dress or an evening dress!

Here’s the minimum dresses to keep you stylishly cool:
2 weekend dresses
2 work dresses
1 daytime party dress
1 evening dress (if you have tons of simchas!)

Optional: 1 – 3 additional weekend dresses

Save: casual summer dresses!

girly sweet dress
cotton eyelet, sizes 4 – 16, $79, Territory Ahead

graphic floral sundress
feminine graphic dress
polyester blend, sizes 4 -18, also in solid black, $30, Kmart

dark denim dress
cotton, sizes 4-18 misses/petite, $25,
plus size 16W – 24W, $30, Chadwicks

spring maxi dress
cotton, shown in blue, also in pink and grey,
sizes XS – XL, $25 – $35, solid available in plus size, Old Navy

Spend: on a well-tailored work dress!
work-to-evening dress
casual work dress
linen/cotton blend, shown in carob, also in moss
37″ long, sizes 6 – 14, $43, REI Outlet

brocade shift dress
silk, sizes XS – XL, $120, Dorit Antian,
Go to website to order catalogue!

summer evening dress
silk evening dress
silk, Jones New York, sizes 4 – 14 , $94, Nordstrom

Spring into summer: sweaters

Sweaters should never be considered optional! Even if you live in a hot place like Florida, a sweater is great for an office. Especially, if your office cranks the AC sky high!

I always have a sweater on hand because I tend to get a bit chilly. You know you tend to be cold when your hands are still cold exploring a tropical rain forest exhibit! A thin sweater is great to have on hand. I always have one tucked away in my handbag!

You will be toasty year-round if you have:
2 cardigans for work/evening
2 fitted pullovers
2 weekend sweaters
1 thin black turtleneck

Save: on weekend sweaters. Opt for inexpensive blends!

springtime lightweight sweater
cotton/rayon/silk blend, $20, also in 7 other colors,
sizes XS – 2X misses, tall/petite, Old Navy

weekend cardigan
cotton, XS – 2X misses, tall/petite,
also in 7 additional colors, $20, Old Navy

plus shrug
plus-size shrug
rayon blend, also in white and black, sizes 14- 28, $30, Avenue

plus-size cardigan
plus-size cardi
cotton, three additional colors, 1X – 4X, $30, Old Navy

work or play cardigan
cotton jersey, also in rose, white, ebony, brown,
blue, and soft fern (green,) size XS – 2X, $20, Target

Spend: on a good cashmere sweater for work!

spring cashmere sweater
cotton/cashmere blend, size XS- XL regular/petite, $50, Lands’ End

cashmere pullover
available in 14 additional colors,
mongolian cashmere, XS – XL in regular/petite, $130
plus size 1X – 3X, $140, Lands’ End

lightweight cashmere sweater
lightweight cashmere sweater
shown in meadow violet, 7 additional colors available,
sizes XS (4) – XL (18/20), $75, l.l. bean

how to turn pesach cleaning into a fashionista experience!

I started cleaning a little late this year. It was easy to inventory my Pesachdik appliances…they are at my in-laws in a double-sealed giant tote! I will only get things I KNOW I don’t have. Hence! A trip to B.P. is warranted.

Here’s a link from Aish.com titled “Passover Cleaning Made Easy”
If this is your first time making Pesach, read this. It will calm your nerves a bit!

First, I organized my son’s closet. My closet was organized and wiped down as well.

After Purim, the “chametz crate” came out. At first, I just put in the mishloach manos in it. This week, I started cleaning out the pantry closet and kitchen cabinets. Now, chametz like cereals are in the box. So I decided so use some of the stuff from my cabinet for some natural skin treatment.

Some beauty fixes you may like:
For Dry Skin That Lost The Battle of Winter:
Apple oatmeal facial mask

Cleansing Mask for Oily skin
10 drops of lemon juice
egg white

Exfoliator for Oily Skin
3 parts honey
2 parts yogurt
some oatmeal to exfoliate


Combine oatmeal and cornmeal with sugar, olive oil, and a raw egg yolk. Avoid the eyes!

So, what’s your fashionista way of getting chametz of your house?