i just had to share teh cute

for someone who is deathly allergic to bees…I fell in love with this wallet:

the secret stash of bees wallet
leather, also in red leather, and suede, “Bee23” by Bing Bang, $34, Urban Outfitters

it’s perfect for the steampunks and the chicks who are ladylike.

Discuss fashionistas!


American Classic: Necessories!

Yes, I channeled my inner Disney freak to talk about accessories. I love the song, “The Bare Necessities,” from the The Jungle Book film. Singing bears are fun. Not as fun as great stash of accessories but still fun!

Totally off-topic, my stitches will hopefully be removed tomorrow. I can’t wait. It’s amazing hard to type. I became ruthless with my typing of code. I guess I was channeling the American Classic mindset. The American Classic woman is a minimalist to the core. Every accessory is simple but packs a punch.

American Classic Accessories

American Classic Bags

crocodile day bag
shown in grey, also in black, “Cyndi,” by Chloe, $1528, Bluefly

casual weekender bag
coated canvans, shown in white w/red trim,
also in 12 other colors and patterns, Jane Marvel, $130, eBags

designer summer clutch
straw w/leather accents and goldtone hardware,
“Santorini” by Michael Kors, $99, Overstock

American Classic Bling

braided links bracelet
gold-plated, $75, J.Crew
More fun finds under the cut

Update on me and frumfashionista

Thursday, I had a stupid kitchen accident and had to get stitches.

I was bleeding so much, I thought I needed one of these:

I was in and out of the ER in 90 minutes. My friend asked me what ER did I go to…”Fantasy ER?!” No, I went to Maimonides Medical Center. So I couldn’t really type w/o pain this weekend.

I was sickened at unsightly my bandage looked!
Major nail and makeup clash:

The beef I have with cute or pretty bandages is that:

  • they are designed for children and consequently not large enough.
  • not sticky enough!
  • don’t have the fashionista in mind.

However, I did manage to find some cool and quirky bandages that’s full of teh cute!
What would you choose…Pirates or Ninjas?

I was happy to see Shabbos arrive that’s for sure! So I’m taking a few days to get back up to normal speed. I think I will finish up American Chic sometime this week and hopefully take start profiling the Gamine style as well.