American Classic

This look is very similar to Euro Chic. It’s pure urbane sophistication. American Classic is pure New York and the Hamptons! I dress in this style when I’m chilling for the weekend or running errands. This style is dummy-proof!

If you look at my Wardrobe Essentials list, you will see it’s a crib sheet for American Classic style. This is a great starting point for those who are not sure who they are stylistically yet: always appropriate and easy on the post-college budget! Classic, minimal, precise lines are the hallmarks of this iconic style. The best of American design is championed in this look. You can add as much edge as you want.

Y’all know who I am going to say epitomizes this style:

  • Jackie O
  • Lauren Bacall
  • Katherine Hepburn
  • Michelle Obama

You know when Michelle and her girls makes the J. Crew site crash, you know she’s the new face of American classic. When was the last time you heard the J. Crew site crashing?


Let’s start out by checking out the iconic piece of the American Classic look: denim jackets!

plus-size dark denim jacket
available in size 1X-3X, $31, Nakid Bird

classic topstitched plus-size dark denim jacket
cotton stretch, only in 2X, $56, C.J. Banks

classic dark-denim for (almost) everywoman
100% cotton, regular S – 2X $60, petite S-XL $60,
Tall (S – 2X) $65, Plus-size 1X-4X $65, Eddie Bauer

This iconic piece is just as versatile as it’s bottom counterpart. During winter, you can wear this as an extra layer over a dress with tall boots.

Springtime, it’s the perfect outfit to wear for drinks after work: a polo, white jeans skirt, and slingbacks.

For Summer, use it to toughen up a floaty, lightweight sundress or as a layer during cooler summer nights!

Obviously, Fall evokes that back-to-school cool mode: pair this with your new fall kicks!



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