On The Radar: Weekender denim!

Here’s a extra postlet to entertain you while you are getting ready for Shabbos. I ♥ dark denim! Denim is extremely versatile &mdash not only for day-to-evening or weekend looks but from season to season. Denim has established itself as essential part of the modern fashionista’s wardrobe. Once you find the denim skirt with the right fit, it becomes your own!

Here are more dark denim skirts that are just too cute!

pencil skirt
cotton stretch, “Dima,” sizes S-L,Gabriella Rocha, $26, 6 P.M.
**Warning: It does have a “short” slit in the back!**

wrap skirt
hemp/cotton mix, also in Khaki, “Cypress” by Kavu, size S-L, $26, 6 P.M.

hello kitty skirt
cotton, “Kitty,” size 4 – 18/20, $24, Sierra Trading Post

plus-size mermaid skirt
cotton stretch, size 1X-3X, $55, Diva Plus

plus-size a-line skirt
cotton/poly stretch, sizes 14-24, $50, CJ Banks

plus-size knee-length skirt
cotton stretch, size 14W – 28W, $45, Lane Bryant

Which ones will you wear while working for the weekend?


15 thoughts on “On The Radar: Weekender denim!

  1. ITA! The color and cut are just perfect! I debated about that one because I’m not sure about the slit issue. Some people don’t worry about that but no slits skirts are universally acceptable.

  2. They make nice skirts. There are several reasons why that site’s skirts didn’t make this list:
    1. they don’t carry many dark blue denim skirts which was the primary focus of this post.
    2. i talk about their skirts tons of times.
    3. their stonewashed denim is more appropriate for teens and women in their 20s.
    4. black denim doesn’t fall under my criteria for dark denim.
    I wanted to focus on different styles that people may not have been aware of. Finding below the knee-length skirts can be hard to find.

  3. I’m not a fan of slit skirts, as they don’t flatter my figure. I’ll be sure to check this post to see if it’s a kick pleat afterall.
    I greatly enjoy your posts. I haven’t been shopping in years and your picks fuel a few clothing pipe dreams. Thanks. 🙂

  4. Great!
    Your blog is lovely for anyone who wants to dress with dignity even if they are agnostic, non-religious like me! I have some outfits I’d like to shaer with you. However I do not see an attach image option here so I cannot post the outfits to you. Btw, one frum girl on one of the websites said that high heels, open toed shoes and snadlas and the colours red,orange,pink and yellow are NOT tznius. Is this true? She even stated some evidence for it. Anyway If you find something untznius about my outfits jut ignore it and adpat it.

  5. Re: Great!
    Bright red is not tznius. Burgundy is usually O.K. AFAIK, orange, pink and yellow are not problematic. I bought a pink shell top in Boro Park which is a pretty well-known strict community! Shoes such as sandals, high heels, and peep-toes are iffy. It really depends on the community.
    Stricter Orthodox circles (Yeshvish/Chassidish) generally have specific colors, hemlines/necklines, closed toe shoes as part of their dress code. Modern Orthodox communities tend to have more relaxed guidelines. If that girl’s tznius standards come from “Modesty: An Adornment For Life” or similar tomes then yeah… most of those things you mentioned are a NO-NO!
    My personal opinion is that tznius is all about being able to show off your inner beauty without distraction! A woman is supposed to look well-groomed and polished. Wearing baggy schmattas is not tzinus because it draws negative attention.
    Nice clothes and looking beautiful is O.K. as long as it isn’t too flashy. Modesty and style should be partners not opposites.
    Does that make sense?
    I hope so because I haven’t slept in over 24 hours, LOL!

  6. Lol! Thanks for the reply. Incidentally, that girl’s standards DO come form Modesty: An Adornment For Life” You are such a psychic! Lol! I mean you are a very clarivoyant person! The lady even sent me a chapter from the book an it was like: no make up or nail polish, no perfume, no high heels or open toed shoes, no colours I mentioned in my last comment, even NO JEWLLERY! I was like woah! Where do you get your guidellines from? Riyadh? Lol Sorry but it really was too much.

  7. Thanks, many people say that I’m clairvoyant, LOL!
    You want to hear the sad part? Most people mis-interpret that book so much. If you are beginning to dress modestly or follow minimum modesty guidelines, that book will send you running.
    It doesn’t say NO perfume: it just states strong (or too much) perfumes is a no-no. In most situations, that’s a good policy to have. If you have ever been on a subway and someone walks on with overpowering cologne or perfume, you notice that straight away. However, perfume is a subjective thing… my husband’s allergic to many perfumes. If he doesn’t sneeze; it’s a go! Nail polish is allowed if it clear or a subdued color. Likewise, jewelry is allowed as long as it’s not too bold. Again, it’s subjective. I take that to mean don’t pile on too much and/or wear gaudy-looking pieces. Jewelry is supposed to enhance, not attract.
    However, even that particular book states that dressing “frumpy” is not tznius. I think a lot of people use that book as an excuse to play fashion police. Personally, that book is too much for me. I don’t think people should be made to feel bad for dressing w/in minimum guidelines. If a woman feels she needs to do more than the minimum, that’s great. As long as you are dressing with dignity in mind; then that’s praiseworthy in itself!

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