It’s 15 degrees and my thoughts are turning to spring

Typical. I’ll share some stuff that caught my eye for spring.

I love this tote:

romantic tote
“Love Birds” by NOAH, laser-cut PVC and canvas, $185, piperlime

This dress is adorable that would work equally for the casual girl or the posh lady of the manor. It’s hard to choose between the ruffles and the dark, brooding floral print! Warning: this dress is short! So if you are petite, order the regular length instead. If you are 5’8″ and under with a short torso or if you are leggy, order the tall length.

gothic floral
100% cotton, $30, Old Navy

pinky pinky doo wellies
also in solid yellow, blue print, silver print, $25, Old Navy

and finally something to go with the dress-

sweetest umbrella ever
100% polyester, comes in 5 additional prints, $10, Old Navy

I hope you enjoy my brief foray into spring fling.



10 thoughts on “It’s 15 degrees and my thoughts are turning to spring

  1. OMG I want everything you posted. Well the wellies in a different color but still.
    Do you think it would be crazy for midgety me to buy the dress in a tall???? ie to guarantee it’s LONG ENOUGH ie like a few inches below my knee.

  2. I don’t think the tall would be good for you for several reasons.
    A petite dress would be cut 2.5″ – 3″ shorter than a regular. (also the really good petite brands narrow certain areas of the bodice i.e. the arms) That dress looks like it’s about 1.5″ to 2″ above the knee.
    Unless, you are very leggy for a petite, I wouldn’t dare recommend a tall. The waist on the tall dress would fall too low and make you look stumpy. The regular would probably fall just below the knee. I will have to try it out in the store. I’m very leggy so if the tall fits me then most people shouldn’t have problems!
    Did you see my other wellies post? I am in full on spring mode, LOL!

  3. oy I can’t afford to be shopping and I already spent this week with no income coming in
    $45 in target on crap, well veggie burgers, clearance pjs, and organizing stuff on the house
    $22 in dollar tree on boredom crap, and 10 preg tests- hey there a dollar- haha
    $22 in avenue on two shirts- but i may return them as i didn’t like the lack of customer service- I hate shopping in a plus size store- but its 10:15am, there are 2 sa in the store I’m the only customer for 10 of the 20 min in the store, and then while the sa was at the register i stood there for a good 5 min with her doing other tasks without even acknowledging me and saying I’ll be rigth witgh you- and the bitch was toothpick skinny

  4. I don’t like avenue at all for just that reason. I have been window shopping like a monster. The key to revamping your wardrobe is: plan, plan, plan.
    You just gave me an idea! You always give me great ideas… you are brilliant!

  5. haha thank you.
    I’m liking that dress you posted, because it would be a great work friendly dress.
    ie it would be good for a casual type interview. I’m not going to show at a setting type interview in a dress suit. but realisticlaly I have to show I can look semi human. And clearly more put together than I was for my most recent job.
    ie I have to overhaul my wardrobe, organize and come up witha concise decision/plan as to clothing that no longer fits and the collection of about 10 shirts that are all stained. Ie there still good for running errands, or cooking but like a junky tshirt I need to have them seperate from my grab clothing and run out of the house collection

  6. Oh I see it a really nice day to evening dress. Work friendly and dressy enough to go out to dinner or cocktails. I really would like it paired with a dressy pair of slingbacks.
    You’ll see how you inspired my next post…

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