No this is NOT a clothing post

Well, I have been super busy. I have been working on one of my fashion goals for the year.

If you recall, I was talking about organizing my closet. Well I look at my closet and decided to make some frugal changes.

I am going to raise the closet rod/shelf. So I sent Hubster to Home Depot to get a 2 x 4. (no jokes…)

After that’s done, I’m going to put up this:
adjustable double closet rod

adjustable double closet rod, $20

Total damage $25

Not bad… however after some thinking (and after the smoke cleared) I figured I needed at bigger, more organized closet. In addition, I figure that Hubster needs a closet. Right now, his clothing is in a dresser that is falling apart. I’m thinking maybe Hubster should get the closet!

So now, I’m considering getting a freestanding wardrobe from IKEA:
IKEA PAX wardrobe
IKEA PAX wardrobe, starting at $400

I just have to decide between a 5′ or 6′ closet. It depends on how much space I have in my bedroom. So Hubster will get the smaller closet since he doesn’t have as much clothing.

Well that’s all for now.



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